Book of the Month, April 2021 – Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls – Part 2

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 2 of our Catholic Book of the Month series, featuring Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, by Dr. John Bergsma. I’ve got some more videos by Dr. Bergsma to share tonight, and an announcement for those who may have missed it on Twitter: I’ll be posting the Live Rosary Threads on Fridays only beginning this week in my continuing effort to spare my eyes and wrists from the computer screens and typing, but still being able to write for the blog, the books I’m working on, and other projects. All of these videos are by Dr. John Bergsma. Some are quite brief, I think the longest is just under twenty minutes. So let’s get to it. Here goes!

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Priesthood in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls

+JMJ+ Greetings! The Story of Salvation series will be back after the Easter season. This will be a brief post tonight. I want to share a video I found while doing some research on a couple of writing projects (and, yes, the ebooks are coming along, too, slowly, more about that later). With some regularity I am confronted by people who reject Catholicism for one reason or another so when I stumble across a video that pertains to their questions (or accusations), I save them. And since I find them to be helpful in answering non-Catholic objections but also in fostering my own understanding, I think somebody else out there might find them helpful, too.

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