Re-Reading the New Age, Part 4 – Education in the New Age (continued)

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 4 of the continuing series, Re-Reading the New Age. I’m still re-reading Alice Bailey’s Education in the New Age, which I didn’t read all the way the first time and which text has surprised me quite a bit this time around. I did read some of her other books, or tried, to, but I must’ve been blind when I was reading them back then. There are so many statements that I don’t remember seeing at all. Let’s get to it. Notes and links are at the end of the post.

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Re-Reading the New Age, Part 3: Education, Bailey-Style

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 3 of the Re-Reading the New Age series. I’m tweaking the schedule a bit. As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I do want to write about other things (and you probably want to read about other things, too) and that will take time. So I thought about it and juggled things around a bit and came up with this.

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Re-Reading the New Age, Part 2: Education, Bailey-Style

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 2 in the series, Re-Reading the New Age: Education, Bailey-Style. Next week in part 3 I’ll begin taking apart the first part of the first chapter. Notes and link are at the end of this post. Links to all posts in the series are on the Table of Contents page.

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Re-Reading the New Age, Part 1: Education, Bailey-Style

+JMJ+ In keeping with my new old schedule—On the Soul series Thursday, various and sundry on Monday—I’ll be posting my re-read of New Age books series here on Mondays. (Maybe I should subtitle it: If I’d only known then what I know now. And just so you know, this spot won’t be taken up completely with warnings about the New Age. I do post about other stuff, too. I already have some other post ideas that I’ve been meaning to work on.) As usual, notes and links are at the end of this post.

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 28 – Enemies

Update, July 10, 10:15pm: Errors corrected, hopefully. That’s what I get for writing and typing too fast and hitting publish too soon.

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 28 of our weekly series on the soul, entitled Enemies. And believe me, what I’m reading right now was written by an enemy of our souls. I’m talking about Alice A Bailey. Bailey wrote quite a bit about the soul in her books, and I don’t think any of it is compatible with the Catholic faith. Following her teachings would not be the path of discipleship in any authentically Christian sense, even though she did author two books on Discipleship in the New Age. Her teachings on Christ Himself are highly problematic, to vastly understate the case: the Christ is an office, not a person, Jesus and the Christ are not the same person, the Jews of the time distorted His message, yada yada yada.

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One World, One What?

Update, July 8, 2020: I’ve been wrestling with the PDF of a book listed in the notes section at the end of this post. (I finally solved the problem, or at least figured out what the problem was. Go to the notes to read more.)

Peace, Love, and Unity, isn’t that what the One World, One Religion movement is really all about? Not exactly.

Oh, the messes I got myself into back when I was a New Ager. I can still see myself arguing with my Grandmother. “But aren’t all religions the same? Aren’t they just so many different paths up the same mountain?” My Grandmother didn’t know about the New Age (other than that the True New Age began with Christ and will end when the world ends, but I didn’t know or believe that then). 

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