Americans United for Life List of State Rankings, How Did Your State Do?

Americans United for LifeI’m looking at Americans United for Life’s 2011 Life List. Alabama is nowhere near the top of the list and nowhere near the bottom either. We’re just about smack dab in the middle. Not great, not horrible. But we can do better. We have to do better. Much better. And if we stand together, united with each other, and united with God, we can stand up for life and lift our voices and we will be heard. If we love the Lord and serve Him and do what we know is right, there is no way we cannot win this fight. If the Lord is with us, who can be against us? Not in the sense that God is on our side, but in the sense that we have chosen to stand with Him.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

View AUL’s Life List 2011.

Alabama got an F, how did your state do?

I have never been so proud to see my home state Alabama do so poorly (or well; depends on how you look at it) on a test as I was today when I found this post on the NARAL site. Thank you, Jesus! Lord, have mercy, thank you, God!

So…how did your state do?

Catholic FM radio in Alabama

I was listening to Catholic radio this morning on the only Catholic station I can pick up in my car, Queen of Heaven Radio, WQOH 1480 AM. EWTN has been broadcasting the Catholic Radiothon from its studios and I think I heard Bishop Baker mention that they have an FM license now. Continue reading “Catholic FM radio in Alabama”

Pro-life advocates arrested in my hometown

I was born in Alabama and raised in Birmingham. I’ve lived in the Magic City for most, though not all, of my life. And I’m aware that the city has a history of arresting peaceful demonstrators and violating their free speech. But at least those arrests from long ago used to make the news. I live here, for heaven’s sake, and I didn’t hear about this until months after the event, and I certainly didn’t hear about it on any of the local or national news shows. Nobody’s even mentioned it at the weekly pro-life prayer group meetings I attend. Could it be that none of them have stumbled upon the story yet? Stumble upon it, I did, accidentally (and providentially) while surfing the web, searching for pro-life news sites. Imagine my surprise when I saw this headline:

Birmingham, Alabama Officials Arrest Pro-Life Advocates, Violate Free Speech

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