An hour in the garden as the Passion begins

“Could you not watch one hour with Me?”

Tonight the Triduum began. I almost didn’t go to Holy Thursday Mass. But at the last minute I jumped up, got dressed and drove on over to join my fellow parishioners as we celebrated the Institution of the Eucharist. The Lord blessed me tonight. I’m so glad I decided to go. Or, rather, that He started whispering in my ear that I’d wish I’d gone if I stayed at home.

I stayed for adoration afterward. The altar is stripped tonight and the Blessed Sacrament is moved from the main altar to the “altar of repose”. The tabernacle door is left open, exposing the emptiness within. On this night Judas has betrayed his Savior and the guards have come with clubs and swords and spears, rope and chains to bind and drag good, gentle Jesus away. Mass ends, His Passion begins. Continue reading “An hour in the garden as the Passion begins”

Shhh! Keeping silence before the Blessed Sacrament

Just a few weeks ago I was at Mass with my friend who I’m sponsoring in the RCIA and the two families in the pew in front of us talked all the way through the service. I mean, they talked before Mass, during Mass and after Mass. Well, not after Mass, because as soon as the final hymn started up, they were out the door, exeunt stage left and right! The blast from their speedy departure purt near blew the missalette right outta my hands when I got caught in the crosswind. Talk about turbulence. Oy. Continue reading “Shhh! Keeping silence before the Blessed Sacrament”