Join the Bishops in Supporting Real Healthcare

Support healthcare that respects the life and dignity of all people
Support healthcare that respects the life and dignity of all people

Update, March 6, 2010: I’ve been listening to Judie Brown and others from the American Life League and reading Mrs. Brown’s book, Saving Those Damned Catholics (on sale right now at ALL’s store, see link), and I gotta tell you. I thought the bishops were doing a better job than she thinks they were. And she’s in a position to know a whole lot more about it than I am. Her book is an eye-opener, as was her appearance on EWTN‘s The World Over. She sure gave Sr. Carol Keehan an earful that night, I’ll give her that! (Sr. is a Daughter of Charity and is CEO and President of the Catholic Health Association.) I’m not saying Mrs. Brown was rude to Sr. Keehan because she wasn’t. But she didn’t let her get away with anything either. Want to see what I mean? Watch the video. Listen to or download the audio.

Join the efforts of the U.S. Catholic Bishops in supporting health care that respects the life and dignity of all people. Go to the USCCB healthcare resources page and get web banners for your blog or site, download PDF flyers to email or print out to give to your parish for bulletin inserts. And please use the link on the right side of the page to email your congressmen and congresswomen now!

We’ve got phone calls to make this weekend


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