The ten not found

I woke up thinking about Abraham and his intercession again. I mentioned in the last post that I thought Abraham could have pleaded with God to spare the city if even one righteous man could be found. (Well, God’s Angels did find Lot and rescued him but they didn’t spare the city for him.) But the fact is that Abraham pleaded and pleaded with God and he only went so far as to plead for the sake of ten innocent men. Why didn’t he go all the way down to one? Continue reading “The ten not found”

For the sake of a righteous few

I’ve been thinking of the great patriarch Abraham. I picture him interceding with God on behalf of the doomed city of wickedness. Abraham will stick his neck out to beg the Creator of the Universe to spare an entire city filled with wicked people if even a few righteous men can be found there. (Various translations use righteous, innocent or just.) Continue reading “For the sake of a righteous few”