Reporter interviews 40 DFL participant, station declines to air the segment

The reporter was kind and considerate and conducted himself in a very gentlemanly way. He got video footage of our 40 Days for Life vigil site outside our local Planned Parenthood. (Use link or see video on YouTube or below.) He talked with us a while and filmed one of us for a few minutes, allowing her to speak freely and frankly about abortion and about alternatives and about what the 40 DFL prayer vigil is all about. I was delighted with the way he handled his coverage of the story and with my fellow vigil-er’s thoughtfulness and with her presentation of the pro-life message. She wasn’t even scheduled to be there, I think I was scheduled to be alone at that hour. I’m so glad I wasn’t! I’m so glad God led her to be there then! Continue reading “Reporter interviews 40 DFL participant, station declines to air the segment”

Divine Mercy prayer cards with papal blessing found and ordered

I’ve been telling, writing, blogging, printing out and sharing with nearly everyone I meet, the special Papal blessing that the late John Paul II bestowed upon all the faithful who would pray the Divine Mercy for an end to abortion and the culture of death. Last night I found a page that told more about it. And in the last paragraph, the article said that a prayer card is available with the blessing on one side and the chaplet on the other. Continue reading “Divine Mercy prayer cards with papal blessing found and ordered”

Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are

I was praying quietly, minding my own business, doing my Rosary/walking meditation, when a guy in the apartment parking lot across the street hollered out and asked me where I was from. Now, I’m basically a trusting soul, prone to give a person the benefit of the doubt, so I answered him in a good-natured way, mistakenly assuming that he was asking in a good-natured way. “I’m from (…)” His reply? “The group earlier was from (…). I wish ya’ll would protest in your own town.” Continue reading “Resident says abortion clinic not the problem, protesters are”

The feast day was another special day for me

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary has been a very special day for me for years now. And yesterday was another special day to add to the list. A very intense day of prayer and witnessing. I felt so blessed to have been taking part in the vigil outside one of our local abortion clinics. (We have two, that I know of.) My prayer life has been needing a jump start and that’s just what it got, lemme tell ya! Thank you, Blessed Mother, I needed that! I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so many Rosaries and Chaplets in a day in my whole life! I feel like I’ve been on retreat, and in some very intense spiritual combat (inner and outer, more about that another time). The whole vigil experience has been like that, but yesterday was especially powerful. Continue reading “The feast day was another special day for me”

The path of sidewalk discipleship

Today I didn’t get to go to Mass up at EWTN. Well, I could have, but I stayed up much too late blogging so I slept too late. But I can’t let that happen tonight because tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, a day that has often been an important one in my spiritual journey. On at least two separate occasions I’ve had major experiences/events happen on the day of the Feast; I didn’t even notice the date until later. I take this as a sign that our Blessed Mother has heard and answered my request that she take my hand and show me the way to her Son. There are so many ways she’s helped me over the years. These days I am asking her specifically to help me as I pray on the sidewalk outside the abortion clinics in town during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. Continue reading “The path of sidewalk discipleship”

Birmingham man acquitted of walking down the sidewalk

You read that right: a Birmingham man has been acquitted of two charges of walking down the street outside an abortion clinic. Yes, he had been there on other occasions to protest the abortions that are done there. But when the clinic had him arrested for violating the terms of a court injunction, Mr. Spears was not protesting; he was merely walking down the sidewalk. Continue reading “Birmingham man acquitted of walking down the sidewalk”

At the Pro-Life Mass and Rosary last Saturday

This past Saturday I went to the Pro-Life Mass downtown. I guess between twenty-five and thirty people were there. The floor in that church building is concrete. And there are no kneelers. But when the time came to kneel, every one of us got down on our knees. (For the life of me, I can’t understand why on earth anyone would design and build a church and not include kneelers. Especially after reading Cardinal Ratzinger’s (Pope Benedict’s) The Spirit of the Liturgy. Did you know there’s an old tradition that the devil has no knees?) Continue reading “At the Pro-Life Mass and Rosary last Saturday”