Some things to share with my fellow patriots

Update, Jun 2: I got a copy of Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism yesterday. Wow. Read this book. I read a sample of it the other day as a Kindle freebie. Then I felt sick. This is exactly what has happened to the U.S. Read this book. Share it with everybody you know. We have to fight this insanity. Now.

I spent the weekend reading A Patriot’s History of the United States, books by and about Woodrow Wilson (some free, some 99 cents, available for download using Kindle for your computer for those of us who don’t have Kindles); watching war movies on TV; and watching videos online. And when I needed to take a break from all that, I surfed over to Lolcats. And earlier today I found this video on YouTube: A Revolution’s Brewing: A Tea Party Rally Song, by Lisa Mei Norton. You can download the song on Lisa Mei’s SoundClick page. View the video below. Continue reading “Some things to share with my fellow patriots”

There must be more than one speaker named Nancy Pelosi

There must be more than one speaker named Nancy Pelosi. Because there’s a website (standwithnancyDOTcom) calling Nancy Pelosi “one of the strongest and most effective speakers we’ve ever had. We know how effective she is – and the GOP knows it too.”

Fire Nancy Pelosi!

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