Has anybody ever said this to you: “Some of the best Christians aren’t!” Someone said that to me a couple of days ago. I was telling him about a wonderful CD I’d heard (Annie Lennox’s) and remarked that it might just be the best Christmas CD I’ve ever heard from a popular artist. And, I said, she’s not even a Christian. That’s when he said, “Some of the best ones aren’t!” Now my point was that she made this great album of Christmas carols and it’s really beautiful. And I just thought it was a little ironic that she didn’t really mean it. I mean, she means it in a way but not in a Christian way, since she’s not a Christian. Continue reading

Rats! Mom told me they'd stick this way someday!I had to read this sentence (below or read it on the web, scroll down to perception’s oh-so-perceptive remark) twice before commenting on it: once to stare and shake my head and once to snort. The statement appears on a forum in a discussion about the difference between “inalienable” and unalienable” rights. Yes, there is a difference. A big difference. And one that is slipping out of our awareness and many of our dictionaries. An Orwellian slippage, as our “educators” and others educate the intelligence, will to learn and even the ability to learn right out of us. Dictionaries do not always show us the best or right way to define something, they often reveal to us mere common usage of terms. They do not often point out how errant such usage may be. I learned that lesson long ago and tend to take published “facts” with a large grain of salt. (Scroll down for more on this difference.) Continue reading

I guess I’m going to have to start a new category for the blog. The “things I hear people say that blow me away” category. The other day the thing that blew me away was having a Christian tell me that, not only was the Bible just a book written by men, but it is also based on dreams. :O Today I was listening to Catholic radio and I heard a gentleman caller tell the hosts of the show that he doesn’t understand why his wife, who is not Catholic, cannot receive Holy Communion at Mass (which I will address in a separate post), and (it gets worse) now he doesn’t think he needs “religiosity” (or the Church or anything else) based upon the words of the Lord Himself in His conversation with the centurion. Continue reading

Fr. Wade Menezes delivered a memorable catechetical instruction disguised as an entertaining talk on Saturday during EWTN’s Family Celebration. And the disguise succeeded. The crowd was certainly entertained and we came away from the concert hall with words of wisdom and light on walking the Catholic path. For all those who think that we have no part to play in our salvation, I’d like to share one of my favorite lines from his talk. Fr. Wade is fond of white water rafting and he quoted his rafting leader as saying: Continue reading

So we’re re-defining words these days. Who started that, huh? And are we re-defining all the words or just some of them? Is there a Re-defining Words Clearinghouse or are we permitted to re-define at will? Is there a form we should fill out and are we free to proceed and re-define various and sundry or any and every word as we please? Continue reading

I’m sponsoring a friend in the RCIA these days and we went to session two this past Sunday. This Sunday’s topic was the authority of the Church. I expected to hear some of the same old objections and thought I might even hear something surprising. And I did.

From the one teaching the class! Continue reading

Once again someone has attempted to confront me with the old issue of grace versus works, implying that her religion is biblical and that mine is not. The phrasing of the issue itself is misleading because it mistakenly sets grace and works against each other. as if grace and works were unconnected, even opposed to each other. Now it is true that we cannot earn grace by works or else grace would not be grace. Grace is gratuitous, freely given and not compelled by any means. God gives us grace freely in that He is not compelled, He is free to act and to bestow His blessings on us as He pleases. He is not required to give us anything, not grace or anything. Continue reading