Camp NaNoWriMo August Winner!

Did it! Again! That makes eight times, if I count both WriDaNoJu and NaNoWriMo in both regular and camp flavors. And I do. (See right sidebar–on full site, not mobile, alas–for more info and links.) I’ll do a fuller post with winner badge later when I’m not posting from my phone. Right now I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck carrying thousands of 30-day novel manuscripts in boxes made of lead. Or like it’s the day after the cast party. Groan.

Camp NaNowriMo July Winner!

Got my Camp NaNoWriMo rough draft (and I do mean rough!) finished and uploaded and validated yesterday after Mass. My little winner’s graphics and certificate look wonderful! To me, at least.

The August session began today and I’m working on the same project for it. And some other unfinished stories I found the other day. I’m working on sub-creating worlds for my characters. I almost said “in the tradition of Tolkien” but that would be too outlandish a comparison. He was the master of sub-creation. I am but a poor student, nothing nore.

Diving back into the novel now. May have to open a writing blog so I can stop posting about it on this one. So off topic, ya know. Ah, so many projects, so little time. :)

Another 30 Day Novel is Finally Finished

Winner WriDaNoJu 2011
I wrote a dadgum novel in June, well, part of one, anyway
Whew! I’m glad that’s over! The compettition, that is. I’ll be working on the novel for a while. And loving it! Below (at the end of this post) is one of my shiny winner’s goodies. My final count before I uploaded the writing for the verified word count was (drumroll, please!): 51,359! Woohoo!

I celebrated with friends (with really tasty pizza), then went home and played with the dawgs, then slept like a baby. And woke up thinking about work I need to do on the novel. Feeleeng liek uh reel wrytur, man! ;)

Peace be with you. Gonna go write some more right now! :)

The Pieta Made Flesh

After the Good Friday liturgy tonight (which I attended at the parish where I was received fifteen years ago), I came home planning to go to bed early. (Good Friday always leaves me feeling like I’ve been through the wringer.) But then I noticed that TBN was playing The Passion of the Christ, my all-time favorite about the Lord, so, of course, I had to watch it again. The screencap (which is not of great quality) below is an image that hit me hard when I saw it the first time. And the impact has not lessened with the passing of the years.

I can't get this image from the Passion of the Christ out of my mind

I pray that Lent and Holy Week have brought you the blessings of the contemplation of Christ’s Passion and Death; and I pray that you will also receive the blessings of the joy to come in the Glory of His Resurrection when the Light Who Enlightens All Men arises this Easter. May the Peace of Christ be with you, now and forever. Amen.

Update, proects still in progress, kidney stones in progess too, ouch!

Just a brief update tonight, posted from my phone. Using which is almost as painful as dealing with my kidney stones…well, maybe not. Close, though! But, since I am using my phone, and since I am still most uncomfortable (to put it mildly), this is all the update I’m up to posting for now. More later, as soon as I can. (Offer it up, I keep telling myself. It’s Friday in Lent, after all!)

Thanks for reading. I’ll keep you in my prayers; please keep me in yours. Peace be with you. God bless you!