Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

+JMJ+  I hope you’ve been having a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. I’m thankful for each and every one who takes time to visit the blog and read my posts, and sometimes comment, too. To my blog patrons: I’m so thankful for you. Your generosity is very much appreciated! Still boggles my mind that I have patrons. Who’da thunk it? ;) God has been very good to this unworthy woman and I am grateful most of all for His Mercy and Forgiveness. Where would I be without Him? Well, nowhere, really. (Note: I’ve included a video below in the post, from Fr. Chris Alar of the Marians, about the roots of Thanksgiving. You won’t hurt my feelings much if you skip on down to that. Not at all, honestly, because I won’t even know you did it.)

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A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiing to All

Silly me, I forgot about this Thursday being Thanksgiving. I’m taking the day off and posts will continue Monday with Part 4 of a four-part series on Purgatory, and later that week on Thursday we’ll pick up wit the next part of Sanctity Through the Rosary. So I’ll leave you with a link to the Catholic origin of Thanksgiving in America and I hope you’ve been having a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. See you next week.

Thanks for visiting and reading. May you and I both become saints as the Lord meant us to be. And may His peace be always with you!

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