Updated, Oct 26 2012

I moved the list of Scott Hahn Bible study audio off of this post page and onto its own resource page to make it easier to maintain and update. Please see Audio Bible Study Free Courses from Scott Hahn.

Also see Resources > Audio Free and Catholic > for more from Scott Hahn and other great teachers, speakers and writers. I add to the resource pages as I find things and as I find time.

I was watching my favorite network last night when what to my wondering eye should appear but a notice that there will be a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville AL this coming Saturday, August 22 2009, which is also the Feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mass will be televised, so it’s an early one, 7am CDT. Argh. More info at EWTN’s Facebook page or at Una Voce Northern Alabama on their calendar page. Continue reading

I mentioned in the sidebar that we had our first Traditional Latin Mass Workshop for the laity this weekend. From eight until ten fifteen in the morning, we listened to talks given by Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP, about the Church and the Mass. Then off to Confession and my very first Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form. And can I just tell you that I feel like that was the first time I’ve ever been to Mass? I think I floated out of the building when it was over, after I was able to pull myself away. I don’t know when I have ever so profoundly moved at Mass. I thought I’d been profoundly moved before, but this Mass was nothing short of Heavenly. Continue reading

Just a few weeks ago I was at Mass with my friend who I’m sponsoring in the RCIA and the two families in the pew in front of us talked all the way through the service. I mean, they talked before Mass, during Mass and after Mass. Well, not after Mass, because as soon as the final hymn started up, they were out the door, exeunt stage left and right! The blast from their speedy departure purt near blew the missalette right outta my hands when I got caught in the crosswind. Talk about turbulence. Oy. Continue reading

This past Saturday I went to the Pro-Life Mass downtown. I guess between twenty-five and thirty people were there. The floor in that church building is concrete. And there are no kneelers. But when the time came to kneel, every one of us got down on our knees. (For the life of me, I can’t understand why on earth anyone would design and build a church and not include kneelers. Especially after reading Cardinal Ratzinger’s (Pope Benedict’s) The Spirit of the Liturgy. Did you know there’s an old tradition that the devil has no knees?) Continue reading

I may have mentioned that I’m sponsoring a friend in the RCIA program*. So I’ve been brushing up on my knowledge of all things Catholic and I learned a few things this past week. After studying Catholicism for fifteen years and being Catholic for thirteen years, I learned that my friend can not go through the Communion line to receive a blessing. (I’ve seen this done since I started going to Mass back in the mid-90’s.) And I learned that for her to use Holy Water would be a bit more useful if she were baptized already. (Which she isn’t.) Continue reading