Mysteries of the Rosary in Art: St. Joseph Edition

+JMJ+ Today is the optional memorial of St. Joseph the Worker, and even though he’s only seen in a couple of scenes in the Rosary (well, three scenes, sometimes four), he’s an important figure in the Church and in the lives of Christians. (I’m not going to say Catholics and Christians because that sounds like Catholics and Christians are two different groups, a notion I thoroughly reject. All Catholics are Christian, though not all Christians are Catholic, but this is a topic for another post.) When I’m searching for art for the Rosary threads I often find art related to but not exactly for the Rosary. Today’s a good day to share some St. Joseph art I’ve found, and some interesting links, too. 

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Mysteries of the Rosary in Art

This series is part of the Rosary Project.

+JMJ+ Continuing in our Rosary art series, I thought we’d look at another painting of the Resurrection, this time one by Matthias Grünewald. It’s part of a large winged altarpiece, a polyptych. And instead of me stumbling through the post, this time we have Kelly Bagdanov to guide us. These video aren’t explicitly about the Rosary, but the Resurrection is the First Glorious Mystery and the art in the video is a painting of the Resurrection (and other related scenes). That works. I’ll need a cuppa, then let’s go.

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Rosary Project, the Art: A New Series Begins

The Resurrection painting, He is risen, by Arthur Hughes

+JMJ+ (I’ve got two posts today, this one and later a personal update on my little miniature Dachshund, Miss Lucy Dawg.) Tonight we begin a new series. Since I’ve been posting a Rosary thread on Twitter for the last couple of years—well, I guess it’s been longer than a couple of years now, wow. Anyway, since I’m into this Rosary Project thing and collecting art for the threads, and since from time to time people ask me about the art, and since I don’t know much about it, I thought I’d do a series and share the little I know, and also share some links and books from people who know much more than I do. (This is the first post in the series. Hopefully I will learn more and get better at this as the series progresses.)

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Join me to pray the Rosary in honor of the Assumption

+JMJ+ You are invited to join me Monday, Aug. 15, on Twitter at 8pm ET/7pm CT, to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I tweeted a thread about it, too, containing links to some videos by Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, and Brant Pitre, about Catholic teachings on the Blessed Virgin and her Assumption. I hope you’ll join me.

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Rosary Project 3.0 in the works

Latest cover idea for the Rosary ebooks. Getting better, I think.

+JMJ+ You may have wondered, if you’ve wandered through the Rosary Project pages on the blog, what that other phase was that I’ve mentioned here and there for a few moons (maybe more than a few). I’ve been pondering, too, of what that phase might consist. Well, wonder no more because, by golly, I think I’ve got it! 

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The Rosary Project Live or on the Blog

The month of the Rosary is winding down so I thought I’d write a little something about the Rosary Project, specifically, the Live Twitter Rosary Thread Project, and the surprising gifts of frienship which flow from it.

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In memory of those 9/11 took from us

+JMJ+ I posted a special Live Twitter Rosary Thread tonight in honor of all who lost their lives and their loved ones who had their lives shattered on that terrible day. (Link below.) I didn’t post any images from the event. No need to traumatize any family members or friends who have been through enough as it is. 

May the Lord grant healing and peace to all those whose lives will never be the same, and may those we lost find repose in the arms of the One Who loves us all. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen. 

Thank you for reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and grant you His peace, always. Stay virtuous and holy! Amen. +JMJ+ 

Here is the link to the special In Memoriam Live Twitter Rosary Thread for September 11. You can unroll it at Thread reader, too, to make it easier to read and easier to spot where I got ahead of myself and tweeted a tweet without its accompanying image. Oh, well…

A list of other Rosary threads is on the blog, and the #RosaryProject is always available there, too, in a format similar to the one I use on Twitter, but a little different. Also the Project on the blog includes image galleries for each of the Rosary Mysteries. I include the Luminous Mysteries for those of us who like to pray them. (I treasure them, really. More about that in a post.)

Image in the banner: Christ Crucified, by Diego Velázquez, Wikimedia, public domain.

The Rosary, Divine Mercy, and Coronavirus pandemic

NOTE: This post was originally written during Easter time and while I was doing a temporary daily Twitter thread for the Divine Mercy devotion. I’m not currently doing those, so I’m moving the Divine Mercy Threads section to the end of the Live Twitter Rosary page, Rosary Project Live Archives.

The Live Twitter Rosary In Time of Pandemic and Turmoil

+JMJ+ You’re probably already praying about the Coronavirus. I’m offering two ways for us to pray together via Twitter threads. You can join live or use them later. More details in this post. God bless and Happy Easter, y’all!

I’m continuing to post the Live Twitter Rosary prayer threads on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT. I plan to do that until this thing is crushed and over with. (I may change the days at some point but for right now I’m keeping it to Tuesdays and Fridays to keep Mondays and Thursdays open for posting here on the blog.) (See below for how to join in.)

How to Join In and Please Do! 

Follow me or watch for the threads (I usually post the welcome tweet a few minutes early and pin it to my profile) on Twitter and please do join in! You can use the intentions I post or use your own and post them, too, if you like. I’m posting links to the completed threads Rosary Project Live Archives page so you can use them anytime. (And the myriad mistakes I make while posting them live will be immortalized for all to see. Awright. Good stuff. Keeps me humble.)

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope you’ll join me in prayer—on the threads or otherwise. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. Amen. +JMJ+

Scroll down the ongoing Rosary Project Live Archive Page (aka the Live Twitter Rosary Threads Page) to see the Live Divine Mercy Threads Archive.

Divine Mercy Novena In Time of Pandemic

Please consider joining me in praying for those affected by, and for an end to, the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m posting Live Twitter Divine Mercy prayer threads daily at 3pm EDT, 2pm CDT, until Divine Mercy Sunday. May post them beyond that, we’ll see. (See below for how to join in.)

EWTN has a PDF booklet you can use for the Divine Mercy novena. I didn’t realize remember soon enough to use it from the start, but now I’m including the novena intentions and a screenshot of the days’ intentions and prayers in the threads. Hey, by the time it’s over I should have the threads all nice and organized. Oy! Sigh. ;)

The other intentions, the ones I included at first (and still do) are modified versions of the ones that Pope St. John Paul II gave us to use to end the culture of death, the ones that you’ll see on the Divine Mercy chaplet pages here on site.

The Live Twitter Rosary Thread Returns

Banner for The Rosary Project on Twitter, aka the Live Twitter Rosary Threads

Updated March 26, 5am: I’ll make a separate page later for the Live Twitter Rosary Threads. Until then here’s the link for the first one, from March 24. Also edited the post to show that I changed the way I post the thread, just a little.

Remember the Live Twitter Rosary Thread? (On Twitter known as the #RosaryProject.*) I’m bringing it back while the Coronavirus is affecting so many of us worldwide. If you missed the Live Twitter Rosary Threads the first time around, I hope you’ll join in this time. The schedule is Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm Central Daylight Savings Time.

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A longish ramble about my longish rambling, the Church, the Rosary, and other things

It’s a bit of a long ramble tonight. Sorry, I didn’t have time to make it shorter. (Hiya, Pascal!) ;)

I don’t know how many of my readers are Catholic and how many aren’t. I assume most are but I wonder. I don’t even know how many actual readers I have. Probably a fraction of those who “follow” me ever get around to reading anything I’ve written. Well, I’m going to do what I’ve been doing, and write as if I’m addressing fellow Catholics or someone who is at least interested in Catholicism. And since this is supposed to be a post about the Blessed Virgin Mary (in the Something About Mary Every Day In May series), tonight I will write about one of my favorite Marian topics: the Rosary. Eventually. ;) Here goes.

When I was a young woman, fresh out of high school and no longer expected to accompany (I used to like that word) my family to church on Sundays, I began to search. I didn’t know what I was searching for, but I knew there had to be something. There had to be some way to know more. More about the reality, truth, the universe, more about how Christianity was supposed to work. No one could ever answer when I asked these things at home or at Sunday School or anywhere else. But I knew that someone somewhere had answers, to my questions, to my deepest longings, and I was determined to find that someone and get my answers, once and for all.

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The Rosary Project is ready for you to use


Friends of the Rosary Project: The Mysteries of the Rosary are now on the blog. The pages and image galleries are here and ready for you to use. I’ll be adding more to the project as time goes on, but you can use it now. To navigate the pages you can use the Table of Contents and the menu at the top of every page. I’ll be adding special navigation to each page soon.

I hope you’ll join me to continue praying for conversion and transformation of souls, for union with God, and to end the culture of death in all of its aspects and to grow a civilization of Love. And while you’re here, subscribe to keep up-to-date on the blog. You can also check outo the new What’s New page.

God bless you, friends, may His peace be always with you.

Surrexit Dominus vere, ALLELUIA!* Happy Easter!

Christ in Glory, by Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Il-Baciccio).
Adapted from a copy found at rev-artistry.

Happy Easter, friends! I hope your Lenten season was fruitful and that your Easter season will be richly blessed. My own recovery continues and I’m feeling more and more like myself again. And happy to be back here and active on the site, too.

I’m logged in tonight, building the pages for the Rosary Project. So if you see anything going all wonky, it’s probably not you, it’s probably me, trying something out and discovering that it doesn’t work. ;) I’m going to build the pages, text first, then add the images. Still debating on whether to put several large images on one page or smaller ones linked to larger ones, or just use a gallery for them instead. I dunno. We’ll see what happens. Say a prayer for me that I don’t mess up the entire site somehow and have to start over. I think I’d close it down and go hide in a corner if that happened. Or not. Twitter has made me bolder and more thick-skinned. (That place can be brutal!)

Have a great Easter weekend, y’all. God bless you. May His peace be always with you.

Prayerful study and (Christian) meditation on the Word of God with the Rosary.
The Holy Rosary has been called “the Bible on a string.” In the Rosary we pray and meditate on the Life of Christ, coming face to face with the True God and True Man, Jesus.
Image: Bible and Rosary from user jclk8888 at Morguefile.

*Translation: The Lord is risen indeed. Praise the Lord!