Action Alert Feb 15: HHS Mandate Webcast Tonight at 9pm ET, 8pm CT

Priests for Life Webcast on the HHS Mandate, Feb 15 at 9pm ET, 8pm CT

Update: If you missed the webcast, you can still listen to or download the audio, access the excellent resources, find ways to take action, and participate in the novena of prayer. All of this can be found on the webcast page.

Action Alert: Please join a special webcast tonight at 9pm ET, 8pm CT, with Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, “Congressman Chris Smith, … a heroic pro-life leader in the US Congress, Doug Johnson, the Federal Legislative Director for the National Right to Life Committee, David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., Executive Director of National Right to Life, and Charles S. LiMandri, APC, the attorney who is filing the federal lawsuit on behalf of Priests for Life…Join us for an inspiring call to action this Wednesday night, and please spread the word to as many others as you can.” [Emphasis added.]

Join us for a Webcast Tonight Re: Obama HHS Mandate:

Stop Censorship, Stop SOPA Now

If this blog were self-hosted and not the free one that it is, I would have more control over it and I would join the black out today in solidarity with all of my fellow writers in their stand against SOPA. Stop SOPA. That’s all I have to say. Just Stop. Stop. SOPA. Now.

Praying for Peace, Facing Hatred and Death: A New Old Year for Christians Around the World

Copts in Northwest Cairo among the many Christian communities facing escalating persecution around the worldThe New Year comes in the way the old year went out: Bombings and burnings of churches around the world, the persecution and massacre of innocent people. The mainstream media is strangely silent when it comes to reporting violence against Christians, especially when that violence is perpetrated by the Chinese, who own them and everything else in this country, or Muslims, for whom our left-leaning media have such adulation and sympathy. So in case you haven’t heard, while we here in the states are witnessing legal battles and name-calling, others around the world are witnessing to the faith with their blood poured out on the streets. Lord, have mercy, Christ, have mercy. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. (Videos of testimony below.)

Video #1: Testimony by Ms. Cynthia Farahat: Egyptian Muslims Beat and Massacre Christian Copts

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Goodbye Liberty, So Long Habeas Corpus, Catch Ya Later Constitution, Howdy Indefinite Detention.

Freedom!Goodbye, Liberty. So Long, Habeas Corpus. Catch Ya Later, Constitution, Howdy, Indefinite Detention. And hello, good old Brave New America, home of those who have forgotten what it means — and what it takes — to be truly free. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, S. 1867, passed the Senate on December 1. This is the bill that includes language calling the U.S. a military battlefield and pretty much suspends habeas corpus for, well, all of us. Hear about it on the news? No? Imagine that. (Really, when was the last time you heard any truly important news on the news?) See how your senators voted.

Latest Title: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
Sponsor: Sen Levin, Carl [MI] (introduced 11/15/2011)      Cosponsors (None)
Related Bills: H.R.1540
Latest Major Action: 12/1/2011 Passed/agreed to in Senate. Status: Passed Senate with amendments by Yea-Nay. 93 – 7. Record Vote Number: 218.
Latest Action: 12/1/2011 See also H.R. 1540.
[Quoted from with the addition of the link to H.R. 1540 which was not provided in the quoted material.]

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Doctor aborts the “wrong” twin

Never mind the fact that any baby is the wrong baby to abort. Doctors told the mother that one of her twins had a congenital heart defect and recommended aborting that one. And she agreed to it. Which is troubling enough since many many times doctors tell mothers that their pre-born babies have congenital defects only to discover after the birth of the child (or the abortion, if the mother took the doctor’s sick advice) that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with the child at all.

Part of my ongoing Pro-Life Birmingham photography project

I can’t even count all the times people have shared stories like this with me. About a doctor claiming congenital defects in their pre-born children, not about aborting the “wrong” one. Here’s what my then best friend went through with her first child back in 1985. She was told that her baby’s heart was on the wrong side, but that was simply a lie. I had a miscarriage many years ago when I was only a couple of months pregnant, but a nurse told me that the baby had been five months developed and that you could see he was a boy. Which also was not true. What possesses people to do and say these things?

Oh. Never mind. I think I answered my own question…

On earthquakes and so-called “acts of God”

Destruction in JapanI do not think that the earthquake and ensuing tsunami that have devastated so much of Japan, resulting in a tragic loss of life and nearly crippling loss of property, is an “act of God”. I don’t even like that phrase. While I do believe that the violence in our world (both human violence and the violence of the planet itself) is due to sin’s effects, I do not believe that the Japanese are being punished for their sins. I don’t believe that God sat on His Throne, Zeus-like, hurling thunderbolts at people, or moved over the waters, Poseidon-like, churning up thirty-foot waves to drown coastlines and tens of thousands of people. Continue reading “On earthquakes and so-called “acts of God””

For those who have been praying for Baby Joseph, hopeful news

Pray for Baby Joseph and his family!For anyone who has been following the case of Baby Joseph in a Canadian hospital (see my earlier post), and who had heard that a hospital in Michigan might be willing to come to the rescue of Joseph and his family–well, that hospital chickened out. But there is still hope. Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has offered to go to Canada to help the family, even if he has to fly back from Rome, where he has been in meetings at the Vatican, to do it.

Fr Frank Pavone, Priests for Life, An Ecumenical Pro-Life ApostolateI’ll post another update when I hear more. Please keep praying for this family and about their situation. Lord, have mercy, all these poor people want is to take care of their baby in their loving home until he passes away. They’re not asking for heroic measures or expensive treatment! Canada, let this baby go!

Read the post on the website for Priests for Life, the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia.

The U.S. really is not the champion of the underdog any more, Hospital Rejects Baby Joseph

The U.S. really isn’t the champion of the underdog any more. I was hoping that a hospital here would take in ;Baby Joseph and his distraught parents and help them. All they want is a tracheotomy for him and to allow him to die at home with them. The hospital in Canada thinks he is going to die anyway. And what do they do?

“[T]he hospital’s saying the surgery is too risky so instead they’ll just remove life support and let him die. So…what happens if the tracheotomy fails? He might die. So to avoid the possibility of death the hospital is going to ensure death.”

Pray for Baby Joseph and his family!

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. And if you have any connections to anyone who can do something, please help them!

U.S. Hospital Rejects Baby Joseph, Family Not Giving Up Hope |

Abby Johnson and Live Action’s Lila Rose Join Forces Against Planned Parenthood

Holy unCaped Crusaders, Batman! The author of unPlanned (the story of how Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director, was converted to the pro-life movement–and ultimately, the Catholic Church!–by participating in an ultrasound-guided abortion) has joined forces with LiveAction, the group that has been working for years to Expose Planned Parenthood and has made quite a stir with the release of several undercover sting videos making the news and putting the government-funded organization on the run in recent days.

Abby Johnson joins forces Live Action, Abby is seen here with LA's Lila Rose

Abby will be taking on the role of Chief Research Strategist! Read the post on LiveAction’s blog and on Jill Stanek’s blog. Please keep all of these courageous pro-life workers and warriors in your prayers. Look out, sleazy corrupt abortion empire! You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

Pro-choice Catholic priest sues LifeSiteNews for libel

A pro-choice Catholic priest (shudder!) is suing LifeSiteNews Canada for libel for reporting on things he said in public. And he’s suing for $500,000. Good Lord! This lawsuit could shut down a great pro-life labor of love. They need our help now! Read more and find out how to help.

Planned Parenthood is trying to silence prosecutor, Webcast tonight, Feb 15

Planned Parenthood is facing its worst nightmare right now and is trying to ruin one of its most “dangerous” opponents. Read this post from Jill Stanek and join the live webcast @ 9pm ET tonight to learn more!

Breaking, webcast tonight: How Planned Parenthood is trying to silence 1st prosecutor to ever file criminal charges against it.

Join the live webcast @ 9pm ET tonight.

Abby Johnson Left Planned Parenthood for Good and is Coming Home to the Catholic Church

unPlanned, Ignatius Press edition includes bonus materialI know this news broke a while back but somehow I missed it. Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director who participated in a guided ultrasound abortion and had her eyes yanked open to the reality and horror of what she was doing, left that way of life behind and joined the pro-life movement. She tells her story in her new book, unPlanned, which I’ve been reading, along with countless other books, so I hadn’t gotten to the part yet where she tells how she was drawn to the teachings of the Catholic Church and decided to convert. I discovered this wonderful news tonight while reading a comment on Jill Stanek’s blog where someone mentioned it in passing. A quick websearch revealed that if I had only read further in the book, I’d have known this days ago, a couple of weeks ago, even. But better late than never, eh?

Welcome home, Abby and family, welcome home! (I’m never quite sure whether I should wait until converts have been officially received into the Church or if it’s kosher, as it were, to welcome them right away. I think I rather prefer to err on the side of exuberance and teary-eyed, praise-filled, glory-be-to-God thankfulness and shout, “Welcome home!” from the rooftop right now.) Thanks be to God Whose mercy endures forever. Praise to You, Lord, Jesus Christ!!

Read more at InsideCatholic, Mommy Life, Free Republic, and Catholic Tide. I’ll be writing here about her book as I’m able.