NEA recommends Saul Alinsky’s worse than left wing radical books

I am not kidding you, though I wish I were. I’ve read more than sixty pages of Rules for Radicals, despite its being pretty hard to stomach. I was searching for the answer to a question just now when I stumbled upon this from the National Education Association’s website:

An inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer! —From the NEA post, Recommended Reading: Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer (See also their related post, Organization Is…)

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LA Times says Christian leaders going too far, civil disobedience is dangerous

I had to read these lines twice. And then I had to read them again. The L.A. Times thinks this is, yes, that’s the word they used, “dangerous”. Dangerous, as in, scary dangerous? As in, pull out the big guns to protect us from them, dangerous?

The signers of the new Manhattan Declaration put pen to paper to articulate their concerns about conscience issues for medical professionals. What they regard as a right — making sure doctors and nurses aren’t forced to participate in abortions — the Los Angeles Times is calling “dangerous.”

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Chris Matthews attacks Bishop Tobin like a rabid dog

Chris Matthews attacked Bishop Tobin a couple of days ago (video below, links at end of article). Bishop Tobin asked Patrick Kennedy years ago in a private letter not to present himself for communion until he changed his views and public statements in support of abortion. Kennedy recently revealed this, but left out the part about how long ago the request was made. Matthews disagrees with the Bishop’s action. Loudly. Watch the video and see for yourself. Matthews has the audacity to call himself a Catholic. He’s a good example of a bad example (to borrow a phrase from Wesley J. Smith). I don’t think he should call himself a Catholic at all. And he certainly shouldn’t present himself for communion at his parish. Continue reading “Chris Matthews attacks Bishop Tobin like a rabid dog”

The Manhattan Declaration, A Call of Christian Conscience

The Manhattan Declaration

I just signed a very important and historic document. I hope you will read on and that you will add your name, whether you are Christian or not, to the growing list of Evangelical, Orthodox and Catholic Christians and other citizens who are uniting “to protect the intrinsic dignity of the human person and to stand for the common good.” In signing this document, I consider myself to be in excellent company. Here is the Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, with the original signers listed at the end it. Continue reading “The Manhattan Declaration, A Call of Christian Conscience”

Abortion mill deathscort is Dominican nun!

People have told me that it is possible to be Catholic and pro-choice. People have told me, with straight faces, that the Church has not ruled on this yet. People have told me that the Gospel of Life is just an encyclical, from the Pope, true, but still just an encyclical. But I think maybe this situation takes the cake: a Dominican nun has been acting—volunteering, no less!—as a death-scort for an abortion clinic for six years.* Six years! She’s been outspoken in her opposition to key Catholic teachings and now I hope the bishops are going to do something that’s been needing to be done for a long time: take strong steps to denounce and punish such shameless and public defiance. Continue reading “Abortion mill deathscort is Dominican nun!”