A Musical Interlude: Be Thou My Vision, Fingerstyle Guitar Version

I’m listening to music tonight while I read Seek First the Kingdom by Cardinal Wuerl and take notes for my review. One item on the playlist is Japanese finger-style guitarist Ryohei Shimoyama playing Be Thou My Vision, one of my favorite Irish hymns. Just wanted to share it with you, I hope you enjoy it. (Thanks to T. for the link. I really miss those days when we played guitars together when we were kids.)

Where We Belong, my new favorite song

Josh Blakesley, WhereWeBelong, track 8 on the CD entitled FreeI was watching Life on the Rock on EWTN tonight (Dec 29 2011) and it was a clip show. Pretty good as such things go, but right at the very end they played some clips from the 2011 World Youth Day. The first song that played in the background — well, it finally ended. Then another song came on. And that one I liked. I mean, really liked. Grabbed my trusty phone and did a quick search and found it. Now I’m listening to Where We Belong as I type this post, track #8 on the CD entitled Free by Josh Blakesley. Lyrics below. I really like this song. And the band. And this guy’s voice. Yay! Good Catholic music! :)

Where We Belong, Lyrics

A city on a hill
where our strength is filled,
a beacon in the night
shines a holy light.
Let the darkness fall;
there’s a new day for us all.

This is where we belong,
the place that we call home.
We gather as one body in one Lord.
This is where we belong
the place that we call home
we come to live and love where we belong.

A chosen place revealed,
people being healed,
new life will begin,
the dead will rise again.
Open up the doors
and let the healing waters pour. (Refrain)

This is where we give our hearts,
this is where we share our faith,
this is where we make a diff’rence,
right here in this place! (Refrain)

Hallelujah, Whitney and Kim, We Look To You!

If this video doesn’t make you jump up and yell, “Thank you, Jesus!” then I don’t know what to say. Watch Whitney and Kim Burrell live video. (Edited numerous times because I still haven’t figured out how to post a YouTube video from a mobile device.)

Remember us? We are America! Music for patriots

Okay, so I guess hundreds of thousands of people have heard these songs before I did. I am America has had nearly 600,000 views on YouTube, and that’s the stats from one YouTube user. (Video below.)

Watch I am America on YouTube. Continue reading “Remember us? We are America! Music for patriots”

He Holds Everything, and this song will not let go of me

Point of Grace album, No Changin' UsJust taking a break from pondering on the post I’m writing. I saw the last part of Huckabee this past weekend. I heard him say that Point of Grace was going to sing and I wasn’t really familiar with them. So I waited. And I gotta tell you, I fell in love with this little group. And this song! If you haven’t heard them or “He Holds Everything”, get yourself a refill of whatever you’re drinking (I assume that would be a nice cold glass of iced tea, right?), pop in your earbuds, kick back and enjoy the video below. Continue reading “He Holds Everything, and this song will not let go of me”

Music to novel by, yes, I used novel as a verb

I know, I know, I used novel as a verb, I am a bad bad girl. I’m also a bad novelist, but since you won’t be reading my NaNoWriMo novel, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I’ve been blessed with some nifty writing haunts and my latest fav features contemporary Christian music, which has led to me purchasing and downloading several MP3’s over the last few days. Continue reading “Music to novel by, yes, I used novel as a verb”