Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 48 – Christmas and Purgatory

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 48 of our weekly series on the soul. Just two more posts after this one in the series. November was the month devoted to the Holy Souls, but that’s not the only time we need to pray for them. I just discovered an article written in 2003 by an author I respect more and more: Christmas Seen As Best Time To Pray For Release Of The Holy Souls In Purgatory. After all, it’s the season of hope and for giving gifts. What better gift is there than the gift of release from Purgatory into Heaven? And all we have to do is pray for them. (Notes and links are at the end of this post.)

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Anticipation Past and Present

I suppose a word that sums up tonight’s post is “Anticipation.” Anticipating the Savior’s Birth in Bethlehem. And memories of anticipating my full reception into the Catholic Church in 1996. And after I wrote this post I discovered something I want to share with you. If you wanna skip to the end for that, I’ll understand.

+JMJ+ So good to have seen some tweets by people being received into Holy Mother Church these last few weeks. In the midst of all the unrest and turmoil, nothing makes my heart gladder than to see others discover and embrace the Truth of Christ and answer His call to come home to His Church. Makes me remember my own reception on that Easter Vigil in ’96.

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 47 – Listening

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 47 of our weekly series on the soul. Just three more to go after tonight until we hit 50 posts in the series: one of those falls on Christmas Eve and another falls on New Year’s Eve. ([Yikes! I better start thinking about what to do for those right away.) We’ll be ending the series as we’ll be ending the year. I did not plan that and only just now realized it. Interesting. In the new year I’m going to work on some other stuff I’ve been thinking about. I may also begin posting once a week on the blog so I can work on the ebook project. We’ll see. As usual, there will be links and notes at the end of this post. Here goes, for tonight, as you can probably already tell, a bit of a ramble.

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Re-Reading the New Age – Part 7 – A Course in What?

Is Jesus Really the Author of A Course in Miracles? (Hint: NO) If He is the Author, if He did dictate this long long course, then He was perfectly happy to let Christians misunderstand Him and spread the wrong message for 2,000 years. Seems untrustworthy. I wouldn’t pay any attention to a Jesus like this one. Sounds more like a liar than a savior. And that’s just what I think the so-called Course in Miracles is: one big fat lie. Or a bunch of big fat lies. We’ll be looking at this course for at least a couple of weeks. I sat in on a few lessons back in the nineties, and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Hadn’t any of those people ever read the Bible? I guess not. And I guess their bull hockey detectors weren’t working very well, either.

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 7 of the continuing series, Re-Reading the New Age. Is Jesus Really the Author of A Course in Miracles? (Hint: NO) If He is the Author, if He did dictate this long long course, then He was perfectly happy to let Christians misunderstand Him and spread the wrong message for 2,000 years. He didn’t correct the Reformers, either, when they came along, accusing the other Christians of getting it wrong, and they tore Christendom apart. You would think He would have said something. But, no, He waits 2,000 years to say anything to anybody about getting it all wrong and even then He spills the beans to an unbeliever. And He tells her things like: There is no sin, there is no guilt. 

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 46 – Gratitude

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 46 of our weekly series on the soul: a brief personal reflection on gratitude, or the lack thereof. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my soul is starving. I haven’t been able to see my friends or family. I mean, I haven’t been able to be with them. I’ve been busy with this and that and I haven’t had time for music. I don’t mean I haven’t had time to listen to music, I’ve done plenty of that. But I haven’t had time to sit down with a MIDI keyboard or guitar and play. Something always comes up that needs my attention and my time and I never get around to doing what I used to spend hours and hours doing every day: PLAY. You would think that a retired disabled person with no kids or job would have nothing but time on her hands and could play the guitar or anything she wants to, all day every day, but it hasn’t turned out that way.

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Stray Thoughts

+JMJ+ I’m late getting a post written for tonight and it’s nothing fancy shmancy. It’s been dramatic day around here. Started out nice and peaceful but just as I was clearing off the table so I could get out the laptop and write a post and work on the Rosary ebook project, there was a muffled thud kind of sound at the back door. Of all the things I did not expect, I did not expect Major Tom Cat (the semi-feral stray cat I’ve been caring for over the last several months) to knock on the door and ask to be let in. He’s darted in a few times before, but never to stay for long. Miss Lucy Diva Devil (Miniature Dachshund) Dawg usually sees to that. He’s usually content to sleep in the box on the deck, rub against my legs when I feed him, and tolerate it when I pet him, to a point, anyway. 

Stray but not quite feral yet very independent Major Tomcat Jones.
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About Abby

+JMJ+ Mentioned Abby in my last post but forgot to explain, in case you’re new to following me or haven’t seen other posts or tweets where I’ve mentioned her, just who she was, so I’ll do that now.

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A Brief Thanksgiving Interlude

Tonight, A Brief Thanksgiving Interlude on Catholic Heart and Mind. The Weekly Series on the Soul will return next week.

+JMJ+ I hope you’ve been having a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day. And if you’re in a part of the world where this holiday of thankfulness isn’t celebrated, I hope you’ve had a happy and blessed day, anyway. 

My day has been quiet. Resting my eyes, thinking, more sleeping than I wish I had done but I needed it. Fed Miss Lucy Dawg, Major Tom Cat, the Opossum family members who have begun to stop by daily for a snack on their way home from wherever they spend their time. It’s a good thing I stocked up on catfood. They seem to enjoy the flavors that he thinks are “meh.” (That’s what he said. Not “meow” but “meh.”) Of course, once I started filling their bowls with the food he didn’t like, he started eating it with relish. (Well, not with relish, I mean, just—Oh, never mind.)

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Speaking of art

+JMJ+ I’ve been going through my collection to select artwork for the Rosary books (edit Nov. 24: I should have said ebooks, though I may do a printed run at some point), and I’ve got enough for a gazillion books. Well, maybe not a gazillion. Maybe just a million. But it beats trying to format the text and all that. Aaaaaa! My eyes! My brain! ;) Speaking of art, I was taking a break from all the close up work (and tiny fonts!) to watch a video of Thomas Mirus, host of the CatholicCulture podcast, and Dr. Elizabeth Lev, my favorite art historian, discussing St. Anthony, the Abbot (or the Egyptian, or the Great, he’s known by different names) and the way he’s represented in the iconography and art of East and West. And a lot more besides. And I’m fascinated. 

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Weekly Series on the Soul, Part 45 – Quo Vadis?

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 45 of our weekly series on the soul. I’ve been working on the Rosary ebooks project, and have spent so much time at the computer that I’ve had to rest my eyes today. They’re not only dry, they hurt. So this may be the shortest post in the series tonight because I’m just going to share a video with you, one that I find to be downright prophetic. I’ll close my eyes and listen to it with you. And I hope to be back with you soon.

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A question re arranging the Rosary ebooks

A few days later (Nov 21, 2020): Turns out it wasn’t such a stupid question after all, because the software I was thinking of using to format the ebooks doesn’t recognize internal links, so I will actually have to put the prayers in each place you might want to use them to keep you from having to go back and forth. Live and learn. And I’ve got lots of learning to do! :P

Later that same night: Never mind. Next time I’ll sleep on it before I post a question. Because as soon as I stopped thinking about it I realized that I didn’t have to do it either of the ways I asked about. All I have to do is put the prayers in once and then link to them every place you would need them. Oy! Amazing what the little brain cells can do if only I let them. ;)

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Rosary Project 3.0 in the works

+JMJ+ You may have wondered, if you’ve wandered through the Rosary Project pages on the blog, what that other phase was that I’ve mentioned here and there for a few moons (maybe more than a few). I’ve been pondering, too, of what that phase might consist. Well, wonder no more because, by golly, I think I’ve got it! 

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