Happy feast day of Saint Joseph

St Joseph with the Child Jesus, by Murillo

+JMJ+ A blessed feast day of Saint Joseph to you! And happy first day of Spring. Here we in the fourth week of Lent. Hasn’t this Lent flown by? My sister sent me a gift card for Christmas and I’m just now using it. What did I get? One book, so far: The Silent Knight: A History of St. Joseph as Depicted in Art, by my favorite art historian and one of my all-time favorite speakers, period, Dr. Elizabeth Lev. I only bought the book today and I haven’t begun to read it yet, so how can I recommend it to you? Well, first, did I mention it’s by Liz Lev? And I’ve watched some interesting interviews about it (see below), so I am looking forward to digging into it. In keeping with the art of Saint Joseph theme I’m going to include a few of my favorite paintings of him. 

As I read the Liz Lev book I’ll try to post more St. Joseph artwork and more about him, too. I was going to include more images but some of my absolute favorite ones turned out to be copyrighted so I’d have to pay to use them here. Ack. I had to put ’em back. Oh, well.

Video, St. Joseph in Art History – Interview with Elizabeth Lev on Catholic Culture Podcast #125

Video, Book About St. Joseph & Depictions of Him in Art Through the Ages on EWTN News Nightly.

Videos, When St. Joseph Punched an Assailant, Mother Angelica, short video, full episode (story begins at about 13:55). “Mother discusses St. Joseph and how he is such a ‘powerful saint’ and patron of the universal Church. He has everything to teach our families how to be a family.”

By the way, the Catechism in a Year podcast continues, Day 80 is the episode coming up tonight, and I shockingly continue to be caught up listening to it. Amazing, yes? Yes! Links below in the notes if you want to give it a listen, too. And I highly recommend that you do.

Thanks for visiting the blog and reading. May we grow in holiness and virtue in this Lenten season, and, by His grace, become the saints the Lord intends us to be. God bless you, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

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“The Rosary is the ‘weapon’ for these times.” — Padre Pio

Notes and Links

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Images: In the banner, artist, Murillo.

Images in the gallery: Images found at Wikimedia Commons.

  • Alonso Miguel de Tova,
  • Pieter van Lint,
  • Murillo,
  • Guido Reni,
  • Ernst Deger, and
  • Escribano (or Murillo, I’ve seen two that are very similar under both names).

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