Suffering, Meaning, and Ouch My Aching Back

+JMJ+ Having spent most of the day howling in pain after I threw my back out (think Felix Unger, those of you of a certain age), instead of getting to do any of the fun stuff I had planned (such as, writing a post for the blog, for example), I’m going to spend the evening watching some videos by Scott Hahn about suffering (see below). First I’m gonna take another aspirin and put some more analgesic stuff on my aching back. I’m offering it up, yes, I’m offering it up already! Oooooowww!

Videos by Scott Hahn

On the Value and Meaning of Suffering, 11:54.

Hope to Die, Hope to Rise, 37:30.

Thanks for visiting the blog and please say a prayer for me. I could really use one right about now. Well, I can always use more prayers. :) Until next time, please stay virtuous and holy, and unite your sufferings to His Redemptive Suffering on the Cross, picking up your cross to follow Him. May you let Him work in your soul so that you may become a SAINT. May the Lord bless you and may His Peace be always with you. +JMJ+

Notes and Links

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Image: Back pain, by 8thBox from Pixabay.

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