Uniting around the world to pray the Rosary to end the pandemic

Madonna of the Rosary, by Guido Reni

Pope Francis has asked the faithful to unite in prayer every day during May to pray the Rosary to end the pandemic. (I found out today, May 3rd.)

“Guided by the Shrines around the world, all the faithful during the month of May unite in the recitation of the Holy Rosary to ask for the end of the pandemic and the resumption of social and work activities.”

More info:

Image: Madonna of the Rosary, by Guido Reni. From WikiArt.org. Public domain.

Join me on Twitter every Friday, too, as we pray to cultivate the Civilization and Culture of Love and Life and to end the culture of death.

2 thoughts on “Uniting around the world to pray the Rosary to end the pandemic

  1. emme

    Diocese of Cleveland’s new Bishop Perez has affirmed and continued Bishop Lennon’s edict on Holy Love Ministry.
    It hasn’t stopped Sweeney Kyle – in fact, several right wing rosary sites reference her and are all declaring the “3 days of darkness” is about to happen.
    Sadly good people have gotten caught up in those falsehoods – which are so structured as to earn adherents that even their families and friends will try to prevent them from being saved.
    Looking at the links and videos. It’s scary.


    1. It is scary to think that so many are being misled, and oh, how they protest when you try to warn them. I do my best to stay away from them. I do pray for the victims of such an outfit. Thanks for reading and commenting, Emme. God bless!


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