A long-awaited book update and a new cover thingy

+JMJ+ Friends of the Rosary Project know I’ve been working on a Rosary ebook for a while now. I have finally gotten the formatting to work. I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say that I have at last tamed the wild beast. Sorta. At least the chapters do show up separated into, well, chapters now. But I’m still working on getting images to do right. (Do right, images, stop being bad. Bad, bad, bad images. They’re driving me mad. Mad, mad, mad. Sigh.)

Also working on the image credits. I do so loathe seeing images used in an article or a book with no credits given. I know sometimes it can’t be helped. One tries and tries and can’t find anything about the artist or the image’s source, even while one sees it all over the web. That’s right, just finding it on the web somewhere and saying so is not providing a proper source. I try to provide sources, if not a direct link, and that takes time. I’ve kept notes on some of them over the years while searching for images for the blog, and for the Rosary Project. If only I had kept up with that database I made, and had tagged and made notes on all of them way back when first I began and onward. But I didden. SIGH. Also adding more text. More about that later.

So there you have it, an update of sorts on the ebook. Ebooks, plural, really, because I do have a few planned, but I’m working on the foundational one now, the one that I can use as a template for others once I get some things squared away. I’d probably be finished with it now if I didn’t have to stop so often to rest my eyes. Ah, yes, one of the many pleasures of getting older: first one thing and then another decides not to work anymore, or not to work well or not for extended periods of time. But I’ll get it done eventually and then I’ll have to figure out how and where to offer them. Probably here on the site, but we’ll see. 

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for: the new cover reveal. Ta-daaaaa!

Okay, it’s not all that fancy shmancy, but then I’m not a fancy shmancy designer artist type person, either, so there. ;) The painting I used is The Annunciation, ca. 1644, by Philippe de Champaigne, and I found it at The Met. Check out The Met’s Open Access program if you need some images for your projects or just want to browse the collection.

The cover isn’t set in stone and it’s the third one I’ve come up with (see the first and second ones below). Making and seeing a cover makes the whole project seem more real to me and motivates me to keep going. But who knows what the final cover will look like when the book is finally done. Stay tuned to find out. :)

(Forgot to add this info about the covers below when I first posted this. Hopefully I added it somewhere when I first posted them. Argh! This is how I keep myself humble!) The artwork in the first two covers below is from The Martyrdom of Saint Elizabeth, by Giuseppe Cesari, 1608-1611, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, I hope you’ll stay safe and well, virtuous and holy. May this Lenten season help you to become who you were meant to be: a SAINT! May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

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4 thoughts on “A long-awaited book update and a new cover thingy

  1. Joan M Howard

    I concur, Lee, that the new one is the winner, and not just over the other two!
    In and of itself it is beautiful and balanced. Very, very attractive!
    So happy for you that the project is growing cohesive.
    May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you🙏


    1. Thanks, Joan! If I could convince myself to let go of the money, I’d hire a real artist to design a cover. Well, maybe later. Thanks for your encouragement, Joan, I appreciate it. Yeah, the project is coming together. Slowly but surely. :)


    1. Thanks, I do, too! Much less cluttered, isn’t it? I scrolled through a bunch of covers on Amazon and noted what I was instantly drawn to and instantly repulsed by and discovered that I was instantly repulsed by my covers, so I had to do something about that. It’s still a work-in-progress, but at least it’s going in the right direction now. ☺️


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