A question re arranging the Rosary ebooks

A few days later (Nov 21, 2020): Turns out it wasn’t such a stupid question after all, because the software I was thinking of using to format the ebooks doesn’t recognize internal links, so I will actually have to put the prayers in each place you might want to use them to keep you from having to go back and forth. Live and learn. And I’ve got lots of learning to do! :P

Later that same night: Never mind. Next time I’ll sleep on it before I post a question. Because as soon as I stopped thinking about it I realized that I didn’t have to do it either of the ways I asked about. All I have to do is put the prayers in once and then link to them every place you would need them. Oy! Amazing what the little brain cells can do if only I let them. ;)

The Question: I’m working away on the next chapter in the Rosary Project: ebooks! (See what I did there? Heh.) And I’m asking y’all for some feedback about how you’d like things arranged in the books. You can leave a reply in the comments below. Thank you! (By the way, that’s an experimental cover up there in the photo of the iPad at the top of this post. It’s only an experiment, I dunno what the actual covers will look like yet. I just wanted something I could see to get my mojo going.)

The Question: Would you like to have the opening prayers to be included at the beginning of each set of mysteries, and the closing prayers at the end of each set, so you wouldn’t have to flip back and forth? Or just once, at the beginning of the whole set and at the end? It’s an ebook, but still. And I realize that those who know these things by heart might prefer to have them just once, but others, newbies, or people like me who are more forgetful now than they used to be, might like to have the prayers handy. 

Personally, as I get older and as my sarcoidosis takes its toll on me, I grow fonder of reminders. I need all the help I can get! And some days are worse than others. So I can imagine that those who pray the Rosary while ill, or are dealing with similar disabilities, might appreciate having the prayers handy, too. So should I make a version that has them at the opening and closing of each set, and one that has them only once I the ebook? See, this is one advantage of doing these digitally instead of printing: I can offer various versions instead of just one size fits all.

But I’d like to hear from y’all about which you’d prefer or if you even have a preference.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, and virtuous and holy. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

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Image: An experimental cover, the result of me having all of this Rosary artwork on my laptop along with Photoshop Elements and a tendency to play with images when I should be writing. Not that I have any artistic talent for such a thing. I will not be getting scads of calls from people begging me to do covers for them. Not in this universe. 😆

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2 thoughts on “A question re arranging the Rosary ebooks

  1. Joan Howard

    I am dazzled by my friend, and delighted to be. Your creativity, tech knowledge, and industriousness: all accomplished before I finish reading one day of your blog, AND all accomplished while handicapped with a dire condition you manage to “work around”. Notice, I said “WORK” around. I would be “RESTing around”, which certainly does not accomplish much of anything. The ebook idea is part of your sheer genius. I REALLY look forward to the glories you will be placing at my fingertips “on demand”. Vote me in for having the prayers constantly appear in the order they are prayed. Perhaps mini-pictures could be varied at the appearance and re-appearance of each.


    1. I like that idea, Joan. I’ve been looking at how others have set up their ebooks, too, to get some ideas about how to do this. Thanks for your kind words and all your encouragement. I do appreciate it. And believe me, I do a lot of resting. Siestas with Miss Lucy Dawg have become a treasured part of my daily routine just like they were when Abby was still with us. (Sometimes I work on a project during our siesta, but usually in bed, sometimes on the chaise, with a cuppa on a cup warmer and my snoring dawggie nearby.)


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