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The month of the Rosary is winding down so I thought I’d write a little something about the Rosary Project, specifically, the Live Twitter Rosary Thread Project, and the surprising gifts of frienship which flow from it.

The Rosary is a beautiful way to pray. It’s a way to spend time reflecting and meditating on the life of Christ as seen through the eyes of the one who was always faithful to Him. The version of the Rosary here on the blog is available to use anytime and has image galleries for each of the Mysteries. (I’ve collected more art since I put those up, so I’ll be adding to those or changing them up). The version on Twitter is more interactive: I post the prayers of the Rosary in separate Tweets in one long thread, to make it easy (I hope) to follow. There are images for each prayer (unless I forget to attach the image, which has happened a couple of times, ahem!). You can follow along and pray, you can add your own prayer intentions, make observations about the art, ask questions about the art or what-have-you. (Sometimes I might even know the answer.)

I started this project back in 2018 and it has grown since then. The first Rosary Project 1.0 was only on Twitter but it was posted every night. I did that until Easter of 2019. After that it was available only on the blog, and I was then going to call it the Rosary Project 2.0. 

Until Covid-19 hit us and it seemed time to resurrect the Live Twitter Rosary Threads again and I started thinking of that one as the 2.0 version because of some important changes to it. This time I didn’t try to do them every night, but two nights a week instead, and Tuesdays and Fridays, the nights of the Sorrowful Mysteries. I moved the time up, too, from 8:30pm Central to 7pm Central. There’s no time that is perfect for everyone and people from all over the world use the Rosary on the blog. 

I’m always surprised to see how many people use it and how many countries are represented in my site stats. I don’t do this for numbers, but they are high enough to convince me that this is something that is good and serves a purpose and needs to be done and to continue and maybe even reach more people. And I want to continue to add to it, too. Still working on that. 

Another thing to come out of the Rosary Project is frieindship. I’ve met so many people via praying the Rosary on Twitter and via feedback that I get on the blog and in emails. Some of my closest Twitter friends are ones I’ve met via the Rosary threads. When I had a medical issue this past weekend and posted a prayer request, one of those friends sent me a gift that was not only unexpected (and unexpectedly generous!) and helped me rememdy my situation, but that friend also suggested that I put a donation button on the site. My sister concurred. I was reluctant to do it. But after much persuasion I finally decided to go for it, so you’ll see the new donation button/tip jar in the sidebar. (I’ll add another option tonight soon. I need to get a P.O. Box first.) That will help pay the monthly fee for the site, a book or two, some much-needed caffeine (I can’t drink as much coffee as I used to, but I drink a lot of tea) and maybe help with some other things, such as treats for Miss Lucy Dawg, and meds for both of us. Alas, we are both getting old. 

Thank you for visiting and reading. I hope you’ll join me for the Live Twitter Rosary soon. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, virtuous and holy. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours. And may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

Notes and Links

  • Rosary Project on the blog. Opening Prayers. The Mysteries. (Each Mystery has its own image gallery.) Closing Prayers.
  • Rosary Project 2.0 (Rosary Project Live Archives for the Live Twitter Rosary Threads which are posted live on Twitter on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm Central on my Twitter. Join in by following me @disciple96. I usually begin posting some preliminaries at about 6:45pm Central, and begin the Rosary proper at the top of the hour, 7pm Central. All of the preliminary prayers and closing prayers are optional. They’re there to be helpful. If they’re not, helpful to you, please do feel free to ignore them or use ones you prefer. And post prayers in the thread, too. 

Image in the banner: Artist, Dirk Bouts, Christ Crowned with Thorns, Photo © National Gallery London.

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