Saint Matthew and Saint Michael

Feast of St Matthew, Apostle

Today, September 21, is the Feast of Saint Matthew, Apostle. A few years ago Pope Benedict offered a reflection on St. Matthew which I read this afternoon and wanted to share with you. A lot of articles on the web quote from it, but they often don’t give the reference, beyond saying it’s from 2006 by Pope Benedict. That didn’t give me much to go on, but it was enough as it turns out. So if you like, take a few minutes to read and reflect on Pope Benedict XVI’s General Audience from August 30, 2006

Novena to St Michael the Archangel

The Novena to St. Michael began on Sunday. But did I? Weeeeell…

Nope. I’m a day late beginning the novena and posting about it, too. And I have a liturgical calendar, a physical one and a virtual one that I keep in my writing app right above the posts I’m currently working on. So, no excuse for me, none whatsoever. Sigh. (Although I have found some sites that say the novena begins on the 20th and some on the 21st, so there’s that, but it may depend on whether or not the feast falls on a Sunday, but I haven’t looked any further into it yet, so I don’t really know.)

I’ve added the novena to the Devotions section here. Also, I found an old book, Devotion to the Nine Choirs of Angels which I’ve only glanced at so far, but it looks very promising. See links at the end of the post.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe, well, virtuous and holy. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

Notes and Links

Images: The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, by Caravaggio. Wikimedia, public domain. (The larger image at Wikimedia is HUGE. Most impressive!) Altarpiece of Saint Michael the Archangel, attributed to Joan Mates. Wikimedia, public domain. (Don’t miss the larger image at Wikimedia.)

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