In memory of those 9/11 took from us

+JMJ+ I posted a special Live Twitter Rosary Thread tonight in honor of all who lost their lives and their loved ones who had their lives shattered on that terrible day. (Link below.) I didn’t post any images from the event. No need to traumatize any family members or friends who have been through enough as it is. 

May the Lord grant healing and peace to all those whose lives will never be the same, and may those we lost find repose in the arms of the One Who loves us all. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen. 

Thank you for reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and grant you His peace, always. Stay virtuous and holy! Amen. +JMJ+ 

Here is the link to the special In Memoriam Live Twitter Rosary Thread for September 11. You can unroll it at Thread reader, too, to make it easier to read and easier to spot where I got ahead of myself and tweeted a tweet without its accompanying image. Oh, well…

A list of other Rosary threads is on the blog, and the #RosaryProject is always available there, too, in a format similar to the one I use on Twitter, but a little different. Also the Project on the blog includes image galleries for each of the Rosary Mysteries. I include the Luminous Mysteries for those of us who like to pray them. (I treasure them, really. More about that in a post.)

Image in the banner: Christ Crucified, by Diego Velázquez, Wikimedia, public domain.

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