(Almost) Mid-Summer 2020 Blog Update

I’ve been trying to keep to a schedule and also keep types of posts separated. I did try, but then somehow I started overlapping. So I’ve thought about it and beginning next week: 

  • Monday posts will often focus on comparing authentically Catholic teaching with various false teachings including (but not exclusively) the New Age counterfeit spiritualities and Christs, but I’ll write about other stuff, too, as it grabs my attention and if I have anything to say. 
  • Thursday posts will be centered on Catholic teaching on the soul. False teachings other than those related specifically to the soul will be shifted to the Monday posts. 

I’ll try this for a while and see what happens. This whole blog is a work-in-progress and ideas are slowly taking shape in my mind as I sail along here by the seat of my pants. I want to introduce more order into my writing projects, and into the blog (about time, huh?) and make it more usable for others. 

To that end here’s what I did this weekend:

I’m thinking of linking or embedding some videos into the Rosary Project pages, too. No, not my own videos, other people’s. Though I would like to try my hand at that. One day. Maybe. Who knows? It could happen. Stay tuned.

That’s what’s happening around here. I’m taking the rest of the week off to let my eyes rest. They’re dealing me fits and I have a lot of reading and writing and other projects that need work, too. (And Miss Lucy Dawg is plenty tired of looking at me reading and typing, though she is oddly fond of listening to me make noise with my lap steel guitar. Abby hated it when I played anything and would howl and complain loudly until I gave up or shoved her out the door, but Lucy will come lay down on her bed nearby and listen. Go figure.)

So posts will resume next Monday. (The Rosary on Twitter continues, no change in that schedule for now. See below for more about that.) Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, virtuous and holy. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

I post a Live Twitter Rosary every Tuesday and Friday at 7pm CDT, focusing on ending the Coronavirus crisis and ending the violence and hatred plaguing our country and our world, too. Preliminary optional prayers begin at about 6:45-ish. You are invited to join in, pray along, use the intentions I post or post your own. Just check my Twitter page around starting time and follow along. If you can’t join in live, the thread links are on the Twitter Devotions page and you can use the Rosary Project pages anytime you like.

Copyright: All original material on Catholic Heart and Mind is Copyright © 2009-2023 Lee Lancaster. All rights reserved. Read more.

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