One World, One What?

Update, July 8, 2020: I’ve been wrestling with the PDF of a book listed in the notes section at the end of this post. (I finally solved the problem, or at least figured out what the problem was. Go to the notes to read more.)

Peace, Love, and Unity, isn’t that what the One World, One Religion movement is really all about? Not exactly.

Oh, the messes I got myself into back when I was a New Ager. I can still see myself arguing with my Grandmother. “But aren’t all religions the same? Aren’t they just so many different paths up the same mountain?” My Grandmother didn’t know about the New Age (other than that the True New Age began with Christ and will end when the world ends, but I didn’t know or believe that then). 

The One World, One Religion (One Government, too, and more, as it turns out) movement sounds so nice and innocent. Until you start looking into it. You see, the peaceful One World-ers think that you and I need to be as peaceful as they are. And they’re contemplating how best to make us do that. But our pesky religious differences keep us from pretending that we’re all worshiping the same God the same way. So those pesky religious differences will just have to go. Or those pesky religious people will have to go, too. 

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s teachings come to mind here, but Alice A. Bailey wrote similarly herself, which surprised me. I used to be an AAB fan. I had several of her books, I tried to learn about her astrology, I read her version of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Light of the Soul. But I must admit that a lot of what she said went right over my head or I didn’t see it, or didn’t want to see it. Neale Donald Walsch has a big following, I’ve even seen Catholics quoting him on Twitter. They probably have no idea what the man stands for. At least, I hope they don’t. Bad enough that they quote him, I hope they don’t really understand him.

You don’t have to take my word for any of this. Lee Penn covers all of this and much more (well-documented with sources so you can go read or hear or watch the originals yourself like I did) in his book, False Dawn, the full title of which is False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion

Doesn’t that sound nice? 

You will comply. Resistance is futile. We are Borg. Er, I mean, nice peaceful One World, One Religion activists. But you will still comply. Or else!

Joseph Campbell once told a group of admiring students that all of the world’s major religions were outdated and we needed to create our own mythology for our own times. He thought Star Wars was a step in the right direction. I think that was on one of the tapes (yes, tapes, I used to listen to them over and over) in the Transformations of Myth Through Time series. I used to be able to recite those things word for word along with Campbell as I drove around New England listening to them. I was following my bliss as a happy New Age Western Buddhist (not to be confused with the actual group of that name, the Western Buddhist Order). But there were already fractures beginning to develop in that bliss. Through those fractures some Light began to shine through. Thanks be to God!

I’m leaving you some links so you can look into this for yourself, if you are so inclined. I do recommend that you read False Dawn. These ideas are very much at work in our world right now, at the UN, in our churches, even in our schools. Wait until you read about the guy who came up with Common Core and see what it’s really about. Oh, there are so many rabbit holes to wander through once you start looking into this stuff. 

Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, virtuous and holy. (And if you can’t stay well, remember to offer it up!) May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His peace be always with you.

Notes and Links

  • False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World, by Lee Penn. Paperback. Kindle. Read it on Scribd. I have experimented with the PDF and due to limitations put on it by the author or the publisher, it cannot be annotated. Bummer. I make copious notes on everything I read. I also notice that the Scribd version has more pages (1251 pages) than the PDF or the Kindle version, more than twice as many. I wonder if that’s actual text or due to different type-setting–oops, showing my age. I meant formatting. If I ever find out, I’ll post it on the blog. (Yes, I do go down some lots of rabbit holes.)
  • The Aquarian Conspiracy, by Marilyn Ferguson. (New Age point-of-view.) Paperback 2009. Paperback 1981. PDF.
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, see page 320 and that whole chapter in False Dawn. And watch any number of her videos on YouTube or read her pronouncements on the web or in her books. Oy.
  • Oh, and don’t think he left us out, Catholics. We’re in there alright. And it’s not alright. We need to get informed and get real! What I mean is, the United Religions Initiative has entirely too much cooperation from entirely too many Catholics. See False Dawn, Chapter 6: A Divided Verdict —The Churches and the URI, page 140, particularly the section on Catholics beginning on page 158. And note, too, that this book was published in 2004. The URI has gone a long way toward its goal by now. And that is not good.

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