Verse properly formatted, a post wherein the poet doth rant

+JMJ+ That’s what I get for not previewing the verse before I hit publish on the previous post and also for not putting a Read More link in it. If I’d done that, then no one would have seen the post in their email with the verse improperly formatted before I had a chance to fix it. Sigh. So here it is, properly formatted. I learned how to do this by trial and lots and lots of errors. Now to post this before gazillions of people see it.*

Every time I see this image
it makes me freeze.
That cold stare
with the One Who is
Love and Mercy right there
in front of him
but he cannot see.
How blind can that guy be?
As blind as you and me.

How did it look before, you ask? Here a rant beginneth. Thou hast been warnedeth.

Image 1: The above is what it looks like in the editor. Not bad, not bad at all.

Posting poetry on WordPress has been a frustrating experience and it’s a good thing I only have a few pieces to post so far. But at least now I’ve discovered how to do it. It hasn’t been as obvious and intuitive as I could wish. Using the new Verse block puts the text in an awful font with a dull background color with no way other than CSS to change it, as far as I can tell, and what I tried with CSS gets over-written by the theme I’m using. So not helpful. Sigh.

Image 2: But this is what your lovely verse looks like after you hit publish. Rubbish!

Maybe there are people who think that’s just fine for poetry, theirs and everybody else’s, but I think it’s ugly. I mean, it’s YUGLY. Why would I want my regular text on my blog to look better than my poetry does? My sidebar and footer text looks better than my poetry? No, no way. This boggles my mind.

Image 3: Center-aligned.

I did get it to center align but, still, ugh! Don’t like, don’t like, don’t like it at all.

Image 4: A screenshot showing how the caption is supposed to look.

And the above image (with two verses) shows how the caption is supposed to look. Supposed to, I say. But after I publish this, the caption will probably be left-aligned and not smaller than the regular text and this is driving me crazy. Crazier.

*Right, gazillions, I wish! Aaaaand before I could post it Miss Lucy Dawg had to go out quick, fast, and in a hurry. But she did hold it all through the guys cutting the grass earlier, then through the storms we had, so there’s that. Who’s a good girl, Miss Lucy Dawg? YOU are! Time for more tea for me and yummy treats for you, Lucy Lou! :)

Image credits: The ugly screenshots are mine. The lovely messy desk is by an artist/photographer at Pixabay. After a poet works for hours on her poem (okay, not on this one, but I have put in hours, sometimes days, on others) and makes a messy mess, the last thing she wants is to have it show up on her blog as if it were an instruction manual for a piece of machinery, no less. Argh.

Thanks for reading my ranting. I hope you’ll visit again, I don’t always rant. Whoever and wherever you are, stay safe, stay well, stay vigilant, stay holy and virtuous. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

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