Pentecost: The Holy Spirit, the real and the counterfeit

The Real Holy Spirit

+JMJ+ Welcome to part 22 of our weekly series on the soul. Pentecost is coming up this Sunday. There are some fine articles about it on the web, I’ll link to a few at the end of this post. They’re are worth reading. We need Pentecost because we need the Holy Spirit, alive and burning within our hearts and souls. How can we take part in and hope to win the spiritual combat raging all around us without the Living Flame of His Love in us, strengthening us, guiding us? 

Below is a video of Scott Hahn and Rob Corzine discussing the connection between the Ascension of Our Lord, which we celebrated last week, and Pentecost, which we’ll be celebrating this coming Sunday.

Video: Ascension Thursday and Pentecost: What’s the Connection?

The False Spirit of the New Age

There are many spiritual counterfeits out there and many people who have been and will be seriously misled by them and about them. Some who consider themselves to be Christians seem to think that spiritual reality is a myth. They scoff at the mystical, they scoff at what is often labeled “the occult” and they don’t appear to believe in most of the truths of the faith. No angels or demons or spirits of any kind for them. No Real Presence either. Just what do these people believe in?

How did we get here? A few different reasons which are connected. In a nutshell: the Protestant rebellion (really a revolution and I do not mean that in a good way), Darwin, the so-called Enlightenment; the French revolution, Freemasonry, Blavatsky, Bailey, and the “New Age” movement, for a partial list. Hearts and minds starved for real spiritual food will grasp at the most ridiculous things in a desperate attempt to stay alive. But, since they grasp at false sources of nourishment, instead of finding relief and new life they find harm and even spiritual death instead. 

As I see it, the Real Holy Spirit is the Giver of Life, the False Spirit of the New Age cannot give life. It is counterfeit and has only our spiritual death as its goal, and often our physical death, too.

I’ve been reading about this situation for some time now, and reflecting on my Protestant upbringing and my New Age past. I’ve posted about the New Age a few times here already and will post more about it over time. When I was in my twenties I could barely find anything related to it, had to go out-of-state to find books or cards—except for one shop owned by a friend of a friend, and one health food store that catered to the yoga and New Age markets. Then I moved to New England and found New Age and eastern religions on practically every street corner in every tiny town. By the time I moved back to the South it was everywhere down here, too. And now it’s even in the Church and the ecclesial communions. Argh. Maddening.

Posts about this will be ongoing. Because of my past, I think about this a lot and I think–again because of my past–I’m supposed to expose New Age nonsense and dangers wherever I find them. It’s one way I can make up for all the times I got other people to get into the New Age and occult world. I confessed that stuff, but I still have a lot of penance to do because of it.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, please stay safe and well, and may the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and may His peace be always with you. +JMJ+

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