Announcing the Winners of the Anniversary Celebration Giveaway!

Anniversary Celebration Giveaway 2020

+JMJ+ In this post I’m announcing the winners of the Anniversary Celebration Giveaway. Woohoo!

How winners were chosen

I assigned each entry a number corresponding to the order in which it was received, the first one being number 1, and so on. Then I used the Google Random Number Generator and told it how many numbers I had, then hit the blue button to get a number. Did it three times for three prize winners. Screenshots of each generated number may be seen at the end of the post.

And now the winners are (drumroll, please!):

First PrizeThe Bible and the Church Fathers DVD set, from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, and the winner is Entry No. 3 – Joan Howard. Congratulations, Joan!

Second Prize – The Catechism of the Catholic Church Collection from Verbum, and the winner is Entry No. 1 – Bernadette Maluso. Congratulations, Bernadette!

Third Prize – A Combat Rosary™️ from Roman Catholic Gear, and the winner is Entry No. 6 – Marlene Bayersdorfer. Congratulations, Marlene!*

I’ll be contacting the winners directly to finalize details. Thank you so much, all who participated in the Giveaway. Another giveaway coming soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying your visit. Until next time, whoever and wherever you are, may the Lord bless and keep you and yours, and keep you safe and well, and may the peace of Christ be always with you. Amen! +JMJ+

*Marlene: Just let me know which you prefer: Gun Metal, Silver Plated, or Antique Bronze. I’ll be emailing you later tonight or tomorrow. :)

Screenshots of the randomly generated numbers:

First Prize Randomly Generated Number

Second Prize Randomly Generated Number

Third Prize Randomly Generated Number

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