The Bible and the Church Fathers Launches Feb 19

A quick note to tell you about something I just saw: The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology presents The Bible & the Church Fathers, launching this Wednesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm Eastern with free streaming video. But wait! There’s more!

Enter to win a signed study bundle (the complete package of the Church Fathers study for parishes plus John Bergsma’s book, Bible Basics for Catholics). Link below. But wait! There’s even more!

Submit a question for Q&A with Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina. John Bergsma and Mike Aquilina will sign their books, and Scott Hahn will sign the DVD set. Woohoo!

Join the launch of the Bible and the Church Fathers!

Full disclosure: using the above link may help me earn points toward winning the set myself. Wouldn’t that be grand? I’d sure be one happy camper if I did. WOOHOO!

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