Weekly series on the soul, Part 9: Immortality

Update, April 16, 2020: Edited the link to the video below. Originally I had two videos in the post, or so I thought. Somehow I ended up with the text link to one and the actual video of the other. I’m gifted that way. My mama always said I was special. ;)

The Thomistic Institute is offering a free course on the Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas. You can sign up for it and receive the videos in your email or you can view the videos on YouTube or listen to the audio on Soundcloud. You can watch one of the videos below on the Immortality of the Soul. Links and notes will be at the end of this post. (All quotes are from the video below unless otherwise indicated.)

“Soul was associated with life breath, not first of all with thinking or consciousness. Now, when we use the term soul to refer to the principle or source of life in a living thing, then whatever is living is animated by a soul.”

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