Weekly Series on the Soul – Part 7

Our souls need goodness, truth, and clarity, and they also need beauty.

Welcome to Part 7 of the weekly series on the soul. We’re continuing to listen to the Catholic Culture Podcast, now episode 63, Beauty Revealing Being, with guest James Matthew Wilson, poet, philosopher, and author of The Vision of the Soul: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Western Tradition. You can catch up using the links at the top of the post or near the end. Part 6 is where we began with this podcast. Video below, links (including links to the book) and notes at the end of this post.

“It is in the nature of Being to reveal itself to us, and in the natural realm this is done preeminently through beauty.”

Ep 63, Catholic Culture Podcast, Vision of the Soul.
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The Presentation of the Lord, Feb 2, Candlemas

If you haven’t already subscribed to Brant Pitre’s excellent series, The Mass Readings Explained, I highly recommend that you do so. For today’s feast you can view two videos (4:14 and 9:08 in length) and at least part of the transcript even without being a subscriber. (I tried to embed them in this post but coudn’t.) Subscribe to the Mass Readings Explained for access to the full-length videos, the transcripts and study guides. (Links at the end of this post.)

Note: I do not make any commissions from Catholic Productions. I’m just a big fan of their work.

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