Next post on the soul due sometime this weekend

If I ever get this email list stuff squared away, I can get back to writing the next post in the weekly series on the soul.

(Update, Jan 30, 2020: Change of the email service is on hold while I research some things. so the regular sign up form is back in the sidebar. Fascinating, huh?)

I’m in the middle of changing my email list service,* so the next post in the soul series will be out sometime this weekend instead of Thursday night, my usual target. (And I did say: target.) I have to physically go take care of things that I can’t take care of online. (What?! Why?! I can’t even!) I tried for hours to do online what I apparently can’t do, so I give up and will submit to having to venture out into the world instead. Also, you may notice that I’ve temporarily removed the email sign up form from the sidebar while I get things switched over. (This post may not even be sent out via email, you may only see it here on the blog.)

The reason I’m changing the service is because I don’t like the way my emails look. Let’s face it, those emails are UGLY. Blah! UGH! So I’m switching to something that lets me customize it. I can even send out a monthly newsletter. I may or may not, but I can. Either way, I hope it will look like an email someone might want to read. I know I didn’t want to read the old ones. They look so dull. And beauty is important!

Speaking of beauty, here’s the next episode of the podcast I wrote about last week (part 6): Catholic Culture Podcast, Episode 63 – Beauty Revealing Being (Vision of the Soul Pt. II)—James Matthew Wilson.

“It is in the nature of Being to reveal itself to us, and in the natural realm this is done preeminently through beauty.”

From the Catholic Culture Podcast page, Episode 63.

Thanks for reading. I hope to have the post posted sometime this weekend. Stay tuned for that and for news about the email list (and possibly something else) soon. Until then, whoever you are and wherever you are, God bless you and may His peace be always with you. Peace!

*By the way, when I get things sorted, you won’t have to sign up again for the email list if you’re already on it. And one of the things I’m looking at is a service that is reliable, trustworthy, and cares about privacy, all of which are important to you and to me, too.

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