Perilous Times Call for Courageous Christians

I’ve been waiting for Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, to speak his mind about the Amazon Synod/Pachamama debacle. And on Tuesday, November 5, he did, on his EWTN show, Scripture and Tradition, where the subject, providentially enough, was righteousness. God is so good! His remarks about Pachamama begin at 31:38 and the link I’ve posted it set to start at that time mark. I’m glad to say that my gut feeling (and mental judgment) about the situation continues to be affirmed and confirmed by what I’m hearing from those for whom I have much respect. But Fr. Mitch went further, spoke without mincing words, and revealed some information about the state of religion in the Andes that I have not heard elsewhere. God bless Fr. Mitch! Below is the video.

Fr Mitch Pacwa on his EWTN show, Scripture and Tradition, speaking on the Pachamama Scandal:

WOOT! Tell it like it is, Fr. Mitch! Good Lord, I love this man. I may type up a transcript later. Right now I’ll leave it at posting the video. But what a video it is! I only heard part of the Bible study segment. I’ll go back later and listen to that all the way through, too. The series is based on his book, Saved, which is on my Amazon wishlist. (That’s an Amazon affiliate link, by the way. If you use it to buy the book or if you buy something else after clicking through, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for helping to support the site!)

When I was a New Ager, I didn’t love him. Most of that time I’d never heard of him. But after I began exploring the Church I came across his book, Catholics and the New Age, and, of course, I hated it. I really, I did. I thought, He doesn’t understand, he misrepresents things. But now that I see the New Age from the other side, I see what he was saying. I haven’t re-read the book but I have listened to his series based on the book and it’s quite good. You can find the videos on YouTube. Here’s a playlist of the series:

What do I think about the Amazon debacle? Glad you asked! I spoke up on Twitter the moment I saw the photos of whatever the heck that was that took place on the Vatican grounds (BOO!) , and when the idols (for that is what they were) were shown inside the Santa Maria (BOO! HISS!) in Traspontina, a Carmelite church in Rome. And when the two modern day Maccabees removed said idols from the church where they NEVER should have been in the first place.

YES! HEROES! God bless them both! And why didn’t the clergy in charge refuse to let those idols in the church to begin with?

And that’s only regarding the idols, which was bad enough. But as to the rest of the mess, it was supposed to be about evangelizing the Amazon, I thought. But, as many of us expected, it quickly became a hodgepodge of liberation theology and other warmed over marxist leftovers, and I have saved the unofficial translation of the final document produced by the Synod, but I haven’t begun to read it yet. I’ll defer to those who understand those things better than I do and for whom I have much respect and admiration: Robert Royal, Fr. Gerald Murray, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Mary Jo Anderson, Edward Pentin, and Raymond Arroyo.

Thanks for reading. I hope to have the next post in the series on the soul and Occult Phenomena in the Light of Theology posted on Thursday or Friday, hopefully Thursday. Until next time then, whoever and wherever you are, may the peace of Christ be with you and yours always. God bless you!

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