A few words and anotha cuppa

I spent the day drinking tea and cuddling with (and cooking chicken for) Miss Lucy Dawg, and binge-watching a show I never got into when it was in its original run, Earth: Final Conflict. I’m on episode 15 of season one and I’m enjoying it. Especially the theme song, will have to look for the soundtrack. After I watch it all the way through once, I’ll go back and re-watch it, and maybe I’ll write something about it. We’ll see.

Have also been going through my library. Oh, if only it were a real library with books on shelves lining the walls and I could walk up and down and touch the covers and gaze upon them lovingly. Alas, I’ve had to pore over boxes and stacks of physical books and browse through digital books on a laptop screen. (My eyes! My eyes!) It’s just not the same. Plus the fact that I’ve got so many fascinating books, sometimes it’s difficult to pick one and settle down with it. No, that’s not true. It’s always difficult to pick one and settle down. For me, anyway.

Ruh roh, my cup’s empty. And an empty cup is a sad cup. Gotta getta anotha cuppa tea. Be right back.

Okay, I’m back and my cup is full and I brought one for you, just in case. Here ya go. Ah. De-lightful. 

So after the day’s browsing and deliberating and procrastinating (who, me?) I think I’ll take my good Bible, my old NAB with the leather cover—the one I bought for $5 at the bookstore where I used to work—and soak in some Scripture tonight. Not using an app on a computer screen, not an app on an iPad or a phone, and also not a paperback or a hardback, but the good, heavy, weighty NAB with the leather cover and pages with the gilded edges and a red ribbon for marking my place. Or the leather covered RSV-Second Catholic Edition with the icon on the front.

And I’ll pray the Rosary, slowly, taking my time to pronounce the words well and to visualize the scenes as if I were there. And then pray the Divine Mercy for an end to the culture of death, and for all who need mercy (that’d be all of us), and for all who are dying or who have recently died, and all of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and all who have no one to pray for them. For all who are feeling lost and alone. For all who are in any kind of pain. For all who feel abandoned. For those who actually have been abandoned, by their family, their friends, but never by the Lord, never by His Blessed Mother. 

And I’ll pray for all on my prayer list, the one that stretches halfway to Alpha Centauri by now. All of my contacts are included, those who read my tweets, including those who subsequently troll me, all readers of the blog, including those who stumble upon it accidentally, and including you reading this right now.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll drop by often. Now that I’m a bit more recovered from The Heart Attack™ (OY!) I’m much more active here than I was, and I’m checking links (argh, so many links!), and adding to the booklist, and adding pages. Check out the Rosary Project and the tiny but growing Devotions section while you’re here. 

Until next time, whoever you are and wherever you are, may the Lord bless you and keep you, and may His peace be always with you.

This has been the first post in the A Few Words and Anotha Cuppa series. :)

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8 thoughts on “A few words and anotha cuppa

  1. Marie Regina

    You’ve had an interesting life, Lee! I love your stories. Let’s see…I taught the computer mouse class around ’06/’07 and it was just that…how to use a mouse. The library offered a few basic computer classes and that was one of them. It was mostly older people who took it. I remember putting my hand over theirs and guiding the mouse so they could get the feel of it, how much pressure to put when clicking and so forth because some folks had trouble with it. I was told I was a good teacher by my bosses. I think I missed my calling, as usual. :) Your father was a brave one. I didn’t have a clue. Still don’t; I’m self taught and feel my way around.


    1. My dad was the one who showed me how to use the computer back in 1993 when I moved back down South. I was using his pc with Windows 3.2 or sumpin on it, and later at the Catholic bookstore I was using MS-DOS to get some sort of inventory system up and running. It was awful. Then Windows 95 came along and I started liking computers. By 1998 I was building very simple websites. I never could do anything fancy but it was enough. I’m so glad WordPress means i don’t have to do all of that coding in NotePad or in MS FrontPage any more. (That was a wild time, I even tried to do my writing in that thing. Argh.)

      A whole class on the mouse. xD I can relate, though. I’ve set up computers for older folks (wait, I’m getting to be one of those older folks now!) and I’ve shown them how to use the mouse and the printer and that was actually fun. And they usually took me out to lunch later so it worked out pretty well. :D


  2. Marie Regina

    Yep, that’s my real name. And I’m also Regina from Twitter!! Haha, Helloooo! Regina is my confirmation name and I use it as my middle name too. It’s a family name. Anyhoo…I sure did read your conversion story and boy, can I identify with putting things in order. Books, closets, drawers, you name it. I worked for a time in the local public library as a shelver (and taught a computer mouse class!). As you can imagine, I *loved* that job with a passion. Too bad it paid a pittance. I meant to thank you earlier for your prayers that you mentioned in this post. How lovely and generous! So needed and welcomed. You’re in my prayers as well. God bless you, Lee!


    1. I knew it was you! Hahaha! Halloooo to you, too! A shelver, there’s an interesting job. (“My goodness, how did that ever get there?!”) My favorite job out of all the jobs I’ve had were these: running the day-to-day business of a t-shirt shop, being a manager-buyer of the Catholic bookshop, and working in 3 different record stores. But the best was the Catholic bookshop. Changed my life like no other job before or after.

      But tell me about this class you taught. A computer class? A computer *mouse* class? Was this with Windows 3.0 by any chance? Remember when Windows 95 came out? My dad & I pondered long and diligently on that one before he took the plunge while I was at work one day. My BIL talked him into trying it. Such a daring adventurer, that one. xD


  3. Marie Regina

    Another great post! Sure can empathize with your desire for a proper library. Book shelves! What a concept, huh? I love these cozy glimpses into your everyday goings-on, even when they’re not always cozy and are about your trials in this life. You’re always inspiring and helpful. Don’t overdo; it will all come together in time I find the sorting and planning can be just as much fun.


    1. Thanks, Marie Regina! (Wonderful name, is that really your name or your handle? Or is this Regina from Twitter?) I used to have bookcases lining the walls where I lived but it was a tiny space and even back then I didn’t ever have all my books out of boxes where I could see them.

      And LOL no need to warn me about overdoing it. I get worn out just thinking about what I need to do! xD Right now I’m sitting on the bed, laptop’s on the bed tray, dinner’s in the oven, Miss Lucy Dawg’s snoozing beside me. We’re taking our daily siesta. On those rare days when we miss our siesta, I can really tell. I need my downtime.

      As for sorting and planning, you did read my conversion story, didn’t ya? My pet peeve about putting books in order is what led to me becoming Catholic. God has such a sense of humor! :D

      Thanks again for the kind and encouraging words. I enjoy getting feedback. I enjoy the interaction. Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless you. :)


  4. Joan Howard

    Pour me a cup every time! You said this was the FIRST post in a new series. Well, I can hardly wait for number two. Meanwhile, I will re-read this one and rejoice in what I found there. I did not need to consult tea leaves to know that I was having a cuppa with a very dear friend who really knows how to SHARE her thoughts with me. She knows how to listen, too, as I saw her commiserate with my books being all over the place, including cardboard boxes, when once before a painter came to paint the walls behind the shelves, they each had status. But he flung each beloved volume into exile. And by so doing he ended my joy in knowing where each beloved old friend stood next to another saying “read me, please” from their perches. Write on, dear friend. Your writing will be my new library!


    1. Howdy, Joan! You always know how to make a girl feel appreciated. God bless ya! You and I discovered a while back in our chats on Twitter that we have much in common. So much it’s downright scary! LOL! Oh, I feel your pain about people coming to help and not understanding how we are about our books. And don’t get me started on what happened with my computer and music gear. Good grief, I will never straighten out all the power cords and adapters. I can’t even find some of my external drives.

      And I’m missing books that I know are here in a box somewhere, but I’ll be danged if I can find them. Partly because I have only recently begun to be strong enough to move boxes around, and some are simply too heavy so I have to take all the books out to move the box, a time-consuming and tiring chore. After searching a while I have to take a nap. Sarcoidosis is such a thief, it robs me of so much time when I could be doing fun things like reading and writing and working on my blog.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Joan. You’re welcome, friend, any time. There’s always a fresh pot of tea for thee. God bless you, sister, peace! :)


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