Of image galleries and an uninvited house guest

Ack! I need some blue filter lenses quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Y’all have heard it before: I’m a nightowl. This is when I can work on things without getting a phone call that wipes my mind clean, ya know? Derails me completely. Doesn’t take much these days. But aside from the practicality of nightowliness, it’s just the way I am, so there. Anyway, I’m working on the Rosary Project pages tonight to address those tacky filenames showing up in the image galleries. Ugh! Those beautiful images deserve better! May take me a few days to get them all done but done they will be.

I’d planned to do this last week but a certain huge terribly big awful Jurassic Era people-and-dawg-eating monster-spider decided to pay me an uninvited visit and I lost a few days of work because I was running screaming through the house, trying to save Miss Lucy Dawg and myself from the horrible death I was sure was imminent.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (I was gonna put an image of a huge spider here but I got creeped out and couldn’t do it. 🕷 Shudder!)

And don’t boggle my mind by telling me that people and dawgs weren’t around when huge spiders were terrorizing their fellow denizens of the Jurassic Era. By the way, in case you’re wondering whatever happened to it, I waited until I could stop my constant screaming it came out from hiding, and I threw a small box over it and scooted a big envelope under it, and took it out in the backyard where it finally climbed out and went on its many-legged merry way.

At one point I had seriously considered going to a motel for a few days. But I didn’t want to spend the bucks and would’ve had to face Shelob/Ungoliant eventually. Sigh. Being a grown-up is not at all the glamorous adventure I’d hoped it would be.

2 thoughts on “Of image galleries and an uninvited house guest

  1. Marie Regina

    Haha (sort of). I know that spider, or his near relative. Had one like that in the house years ago. It looked exactly like a tarantula. I screamed too. Good idea with the box and envelope!


    1. I have to catch and release little wayward critters all the time, though it’s usually wasps, moths and the like. Little spiders I tend to (force myself to) ignore. But this guy had to go! Honestly, I was so brave, I was coaxing Miss Lucy Miniature Dachshund Dawg to go ahead of me into every room. I tried to, anyway. She wasn’t having it. I just ended up talking to her really loud whenever I had to risk bumping into The Creature. ;)


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