A new used art book and an unfortunate event

I found another used book online the other day and it arrived today. It’s beautiful! The Mother of God: Art Celebrates Mary, the inaugural exhibition at the John Paul II Cultural Center, organized by the Vatican Museums in collaboration with the Cultural Center. (Links at the end of this post.)

The cover of the book has a beautiful large image of one of my favorite paintings, Madonna and Child, by one of my favorite artists, Sassoferrato, ca. 1650.
Not a great photo of the book, which is truly beautiful. I can hardly wait to read and share this with you!

I can’t do much more than tell you about it briefly tonight because of an unfortunate event: I got a call from the Fraud Center today, someone used my debit card in another state, at a Dollar General of all things. Good grief, all the time I’ve spent scrambling around, today and tonight, when I’d rather be going through this book with you and looking at all the pretty pictures and reading the stories about the paintings and sculptures from all the different cultures. But that will have to wait until after I get all my accounts and payment methods updated. Argh.

Thank you for reading and I’m going to sit down with this gorgeous book and share a lot more with you very soon. I think I need to go pray the Rosary before I do anything else. Perhaps you’ll join me there. In any case, God bless you! May His peace be always with you.

I need to pray the Rosary and recover from this long day and night before I do anything else. Lord, have mercy, help me put all of that out of my mind so I can focus on what really matters: union with You. Jesus, I trust in YOU. Amen.

This has been a post in the Something About Mary Every Day In May series.


  • The Mother of God: Art Celebrates Mary. Paperback. A hardback edition my be available from third party sellers, info on the product page, use the paperback link.
  • Book listing and description at the Vatican Museums website.

Full disclosure: When you make any purchase through my Amazon affiliate links (or my general Amazon link) on this site, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you. And thank you for your prayers and support.

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