The Age of Mary and the Anti-Mary

This week I bought three books by Carrie Gress. Tonight’s post is about her book, The Marian Option (link to the book at the end of this post). I haven’t read it yet (so many books, so little effective time management on my part) but I have watched some of her interviews about it. Below see her appearance on Women of Grace in February 2019.

Carrie Gress is the guest on this episode of Women of Grace

Sue Brinkmann wrote a post about it at the Women of Grace blog, The Spirit of Anti-Mary vs. the Age of Mary. I’m in the process of watching the episode and reading the blog post now so I can’t tell you much about it yet. I’m going ahead and sharing it with you now because I trust Johnnette and Sue to be orthodox and faithful. I’ll share a couple of quotes from the blog post with you because I can already see that her ideas are very important and I want to pass that on to you.

“In her book, The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis, author Carrie Gress, Ph.D. devotes a whole chapter to discussing the much-understated war that is going on in our Church and culture today that points to a fierce battle being waged by Satan for the soul of women. Gress refers to it as the anti-Mary movement…”

Sue Brinkmann, writing about The Marian Option, by Carrie Gress, on the Women of Grace blog. Links at the end of this post.

There is a war on womanhood, a spiritual war but also a war that we can see played out in the external world. We can see it in the media, in our schools (who would have thought that our schools would become places where an abortion giant would be welcome to teach children about sexuality?) in the “entertainment” industry, in our neighborhoods (those aren’t what they used to be, I barely know three people in my neighborhood and I’ve lived here twenty six years), and in our families.

“What was once ‘my life for yours’ became ‘your life for mine,’ which Gress calls ‘the true source of what we now know as the ‘culture of death’ that envelopes us today’.'”

“And just like Eve’s primordial act of disobedience, today’s culture of death also started with women. The Pill and abortion have largely been women’s choices with men playing only a secondary role (with the exception of those who are forced into these practices). Hollywood actresses and female leaders brag about their participation in these practices, both of which have opened up the doors to every kind of sexual license.”

Sue Brinkmann, writing about The Marian Option, by Carrie Gress, on the Women of Grace blog. Links at the end of this post

Thank you for reading and visiting the blog. God bless you and may His peace be always with you.

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