I promised me a Ros(ary) garden

This is post in the Something About Mary Every Day In May series.

I want a Mary garden, a Rosary garden. I’ve been wanting it for years and this is THE year. I mean it. (It’s 2020 now as I re-read this and) I’m (still) tired of waiting. That ugly patch of weeds in front of the house just screams “Make this beautiful, please!” And so does the jungle in the back yard. So I will. I started gathering ideas for one a while back, well before that awful year of 2018. I’ll see if I can find any of those ideas. If not, I’ll start over. But it’s gonna get done! I hope.

Source: Pinterest.*

Have you ever seen a Mary garden? Do you have one? Got any photos? Or tips for a newbie like me? Bear in mind, I need something low low LOW maintenance. And someone else will have to set it up for me. (This is so not the way I imagined owning a home would be, but what can ya do?)

Now this is the kind of garden** I might be able to handle.

I found a bunch of articles at the University of Dayton Marian studies site. (That place is a treasure trove of all things Mary.)

Here’s a search for Mary gardens at the Dayton site. 

And here’s a page of Marian symbols > Mary gardens

An article at EWTN about Mary gardens

A Catholic mom’s post about her Mary garden with photos. I love this!

And this, too.

Image credits: Photo of Mary Garden: Pinterest. Photo of miniature Mary Garden from CatholicSistas.

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2 thoughts on “I promised me a Ros(ary) garden

  1. Marie Regina

    I love the mini garden! It can be made bigger than that and still be manageable. I can’t do a lot of yard work anymore either, so this an excellent idea!


    1. I’d been thinking about doing something like it to make the garden easy for me to tend and less expensive if I have to pay someone to help. That adds up pretty fast! And I was aiming at providing something for the hummingbirds who come back year after year. (I do love the little hummers.) But I never even thought about making the planters into mini Mary gardens. This was a revelation! A “why didn’t I think of this sooner” kind of revelation. Let’s share pics if we ever get our Mary gardens done. ;)


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