Something About Mary Every Day in May (except for the days I already missed)

I’ve challenged myself to post (almost) every day in May in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

May is the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in her honor I’ll be writing a brief blog post every day in May about some aspect of the Church’s teaching about her, or a book or video I’ve found interesting and helpful, or whatever else I can come up with. So it’s Something About Mary Every Day in May—except for the first few days of the month that I’ve already missed. (Cuz it wasn’t on my to-do list and if it’s not on there, it does not get done. Got my handy dandy liturgical calendar planner now so hopefully I can keep up, at least better than I have been. It’s already May, which is pretty late to buy a calendar, but I didn’t have one so I did. When I order next year’s, I’ll post a link to it.) Hey, I should’ve named this, Something About Mary (Almost) Every Day In May. Hmmm. Nah, too late to change the graphic. It takes me forever to do those things because I am sooo slllooowww. ;)

Today I want to share a video I found by Dr. Brant Pitre about his new book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary. I’ve been trying to wait to buy the book, hoping that Verbum will release an edition, but my patience is nearly at an end. The more I hear about it, the more I want it now. Below is the video intro for the book.

And here’s a conversation between Matthew Leonard and Dr. Pitre about it. I need to listen to this again and take notes this time. (They crack each other up at one point and get the giggles, so not only do you learn about Mary, but you get cheered up at the same time.) Both of these guys are favorites of mine. Pitre reminds me a lot of Scott Hahn: knowledgeable, on fire with love for the Lord, the Church, and the Gospel, and can talk without notes for a long, long time. But no talk of theirs is ever long enough for me. I can listen for hours. And I do! I have so many talks and videos by Leonard, Pitre, Hahn, and others, I could listen for days without having to repeat one.

And here are links to the book in paperback and Kindle versions.* (Until I put those links into this post I had no idea that they would show the covers of the books. I thought they were plain ol’ links. I like this much better.)



Thank you for reading and for visiting the site. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and that you’ll come by often. God bless and may His peace be always with you.

Full disclosure: When you make any purchase through my Amazon affiliate links (or my general Amazon link) on this site, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you. And thank you for your prayers and support.

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