Dreaming dreams, imagining images, wordsmithing words

Imagining...I’ve been writing every night since NaNoWriMo started, pushing to make the day’s quota and I managed to get one day ahead. So today I took the day off from writing and I’ve been thinking and imagining. Got a glimmer of what the story may be about. Letting it soak in. Or soaking in it. Or something. Want to hear the characters’ voices, see the characters acting. That hasn’t happened yet except for a few moments here and there. So tonight I’m not pushing for words, I want images and sounds and feelings. Later I’ll write down what I see and hear and feel. And think. And dream. When I really get going on a story, I dream about it. That’s when I can see the characters and hear them and see what’s happening. That’s when the writing begins to flow.

On the other hand, I may just lie down to dream and fall asleep. And that’s okay, too. Maybe I’ll dream about the story and wake up and write it down. Or type it up. Either one. Realistically, though, I hardly ever write anything. I almost always use my phone or iPad or laptop. My teachers back in the day would have bought me these things if they’d been available at the time. My handwriting, oy vey! It was abomimbob–abombadible–adomba–awful. Ahem.

More later as this story develops. And here’s hoping that it does. Develop, that is. Until then I’ll be dreaming dreams, imagining images, wordsmithing words. Thanks for reading and peace be with you.

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