Got the novel word count validated, WIN!

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014 Winner!Got the Camp NaNoWriMo novel word count validated just a few minutes ago: 52,065 for a win! Yes! Now the next phase of novel-writing work begins. (Hey, how many phases is this thing going through, anyway, huh? Sheesh!)

Progress Meter

See Other Writing for badges and meters from past NaNoWriMo events.

2 thoughts on “Got the novel word count validated, WIN!

    1. Must’ve worked! You can root for me any time, Christina! Lol! Thank you, my dear sister in Christ, I could feel the encouragement and warm vibes all the way from here! ;) WOOHOO! I need to celebrate. Break out the coffee, cake and ice cream! Wait, I don’t have any cake or ice cream. Guess this means a trip to the store. For a worthy cause.

      “Cel-e-brate the win, come on! Da da-da-daaaa da da da da! Woohoo! ”

      On second thought, perhaps that’s an ixnay on the affeinecay. Lol! ;)


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