Nightly Update, Camp NaNoWriMo Day 15

Too Much!Overload. That’s what happened to my brain today. Overload. Too much information. Short circuit. Too much research. This was supposed to help my imagination, not swamp it! Ack! I think I’ll spend tomorrow with a pad and pen–or an iPad and stylus, though I don’t like any of the styli I have–and doodle some ideas (Hi, Marty, I thought of you when I wrote that). I may even get out the note cards–the index card app. Or just use the index card portion of Scrivener. Ack again! The whole point is to make it simpler! Well, that actually is an argument for using the index cards within Scrivener. That way whatever I come up with will already be there in the project, ready for the next step.

And my next step right now is to close this laptop and go to bed.  Thank you for dropping in. May your Holy Week be blessed as you prepare for the Easter season! Peace be to you! :)

Bishop Fulton J Sheen’s last Good Friday talk before he went to be with the Lord.

Word count goal for the month: 50K. Nightly: 1,667. Tonight: Under 2K. Total: Over 38K. Woohoo!

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