A whole lotta talking going on but not much reading, listening, thinking

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There’s a whole lotta talking and blogging going on about Pope Francis these days. And a whole lotta hand wringing and not a little name calling. And some people are actually listening to what the Pope is saying (not just to what someone says the Pope is saying) and some are actually troubling themselves to read his writing for themselves. Thanks be to God.

“Listen with the ear of your heart.” –The Rule of Saint Benedict.

Listen to the Pope. He’s not saying anything new. He’s not saying anything I haven’t heard other Popes or other priests and bishops say. For example, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen spoke about the ills of “unbridled capitalism” many years ago and said it was just as bad, just as much an error, as communism; and Pope Leo XIII wrote about these things in Rerum Novarum in 1891. Ignore the media who are determined to misunderstand and misrepresent what he says (or what any faithful Catholic says). And keep in mind, as I keep reminding myself, that Pope Francis is not Benedict XVI and he’s not John Paul II. He’s Francis and the man has his own style.

Read Evangelii Gaudium for yourself here or here. (PDF version here.)

Then check out what some actual faithful and knowledgeable Catholics say about it. I’ll add more links as I come across them.

One thought on “A whole lotta talking going on but not much reading, listening, thinking

  1. Mate, Bergoglio isn’t a catholic but an ecclesiastical freemason which main task is to drag into apostasy as many catholics possible…He loves to engage in ‘unity in divertsity’, telling us that we shouldn’t evangelize the pagans, athiests or non-catholics, but he is the first to demonise all obedient faithful catholics, those who know catholic dotrine doesn’t change, folowing therefore sound traditional forms of worship and prayer…As a gnosticist (that is the faith system of freemasonry), bergoglio doesn’t believe in the one true God, but in pagan pantheism, nature is God and the deitification of man.. Bishop Fulton Sheen quite rightly stated that there are not new heresies, they are just the same ancient ones with recycled terminology. All comes from the syangogue of satan, international jewry and it’s zionist goals..they have two main weapons: communism as a political weapon for world domination and an invisible weapon, freemasonry. Marxism never died in 1989, only changed names and infiltrated other agendas, such as eco-environment….cleverly they condition the masses into pagan holism, but they are really doing is to make people build marxist sustainable communities. Yes, The UN’s motto ‘think globally, act localy’ !! It comes from the talmudic-marxist UN Agenda 21 on Sustainable Developement and also from the Earh Charter, two documents released in the same year: 1992. By the time, they all thought they were gonna achieve a new world order by the year 2000…no wonder then, Our Lady was warning catholics about this year being the year of tribulations – but the synagogue have delayed plans for several reasons, and God has towait until the synagogues conditions have been met. God will not give stana any excuse that he didn’t have enough time or power to try to fulfil his plans…In the meantime, we witness the last biblical prophecies being unfold right in front of our eyes…..a new world religion is being built…shimon peres, an athiest who conviniently follows the ancient prophets prophecies, already invited bergoglio to be the symbolic leader of this world religion – that was in 2013! This is why bergoglio has been meeting loads of leaders of other faiths and creeds, inviting them even to the vatican…as prophecies prophecised !! (anne catherine emmerich)
    So be ware that bergoglio is not our pope – our pope is benedict xvi, which never left the vatican. many prophecies point to benedict as being our pope !!


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