Happy New Year, Y’all!

Happy New Year! I’ve been celebrating by dragging out my good old MIDI keyboard and composing some instrumental music in GarageBand since I still don’t have my voice back yet. Argh. But I’m really fond of what I’m working on right now, so maybe there’s a silver lining in all of this after all. Of all the things I’ve composed via MIDI this is by far the best sounding. Almost sounds like I know what I’m doing. Almost. I even came up with a bass line for once and the guitars sound like guitars. Mostly. Sort of. I keep hearing more parts for it and I know if I work on this for a few days instead of hours I’ll hear even more. But I really want to sing! Argh!

Hope you’re having a marvelous (or peaceful) New Year’s celebration wherever you are. I’m going back to listening to my new song over and over to see what other parts I can come up with. Yes, this is how I party. I am a nerd. ;)

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