Hope you have had a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I hope you’ve been having a very happy Thanksgiving Day. In between all the shopping and football and parades and eating, I hope you spent some time being truly thankful, even if you’ve had a hard year and being thankful is maybe the last thing on your mind any day lately, least of all today. I know a lot of people were badly effected by storms and are still effected. I wish I could make all of that go away. I wish I had enough money and power to help everybody. And while I’m wishing for superpowers, I also wish I could make things like dementia go away and nobody’s loved ones would have it and they would be the way they used to be instead of like someone you don’t know any more. I wish my best pal, my cute and very funny dog and constant companion lo these nine years, didn’t have to be lifted up to and down from the bed, or into and out of the car all the time now. I wish other things, too, but you get the idea.

Most of all I wish that we could all stop buying and selling and cooking and decorating, and griping about buying and selling and cooking and decorating, and remember what this holiday is about. Not just a day off from work, not just the busiest day of the year at work (or day before the busiest day), but a Holy Day.

Yes, a Holy Day. This year I didn’t get to Mass for Thanksgiving and my whole day has been weird because of it. The day lost its entire aspect of holiness. A lesson learned: Mass comes first, no excuses! And not only did I not get to Mass, but I forgot to write a special post or put up a little special graphic on the blog. But I have been getting my writing done for the novel and NaNoWriMo, so that’s something. The goal is 50,000 words and my current word count is 42,057, a hefty chunk of which I managed to write in just these last four days. So that’s definitely something I’m thankful for.

Well, the dogs are asleep on the bed now and computers have finished backing up–what did I do before Dropbox, huh?–so I’m going to see how much work I can do on the novel before bedtime. Happy Thanksgiving Day, everybody! Hope yours was good. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and every day. Amen.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever!

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