Woohoo, I finished NaNoWriMo, and yes, I watched the RNC (part of it)

Camp NaNoWriMo August Session 2012 WINNERI’m amazed, quite frankly, that I managed to do it. Finish Camp NaNoWriMo, August session. I’m not happy with it, not by a long shot. In the end I ended up typing whatever I could think of — well, really, it’s been that way all week long. Just typing anything to get something typed. I don’t feel like I have written, I feel like I have typed. All my plans and hopes for this NaNoWriMo got zapped into nowhere after my dad wrecked his car during week three and everything turned upside down. Bless his heart. Things are upside down for him much worse than they are for me. I can only imagine what he is going through, losing a substantial portion of his independence and mobility — not only is he now without a car, but he sustained physical injuries that give him pain and keep him from being able to do what he’d like. Nothing major… if you’re a teenager. It’s a little different when you’re in your 80’s.

And speaking of 80’s, yes, I saw Clint Eastwood during the RNC. And yes, I actually enjoyed his performance. I have always been a huge fan of improv, whether of the musical or the acting kind. And I thoroughly enjoyed the empty chair bit. Did I notice that he struggled a little when he spoke? Yes. Did it bother me? No. Does the barrage of criticism hurled at him bother me? Yes.

Because so many of the people criticizing him are not criticizing what he said but the fact that he looked and seemed so old saying it. Or he seemed frail. Or he seemed to struggle with his words. Ooh, how dare he?

I say, so what? When I’m 82 like Clint Eastwood, I hope I even know what year it is, what the Convention is about and why it matters, who’s running for what office, and where I even AM. I think he did great, the bit he did was funny, he said what no one else could or would say, and as far as I’m concerned, more power to him! He — wait for it — made my day! He made a lot of other folks’ day, too. That crowd was having a good time. What’s wrong with that? Nuthin’.

Seems to me a lot of folks — especially Democrats and “Liberals”, you know, the “oh-so-tolerant” crowd — need to kick back and loosen up and learn how to take a joke. And we the people need to kick a certain joke of a loser out of Washington and get on with making America great again. Before it’s too late.

As for the criticism that it took attention off Romney, I say, it wasn’t the Romney Convention, it was the Republican Convention. It’s bigger than Romney, and it’s bigger than Romney plus Ryan. It’s even bigger than the Republican Party. All of us — Republicans, Independents, men and women of good will, even Democrats with a lick of sense, if there are any of those left remaining on the planet — need to work together to get the most pro-abortion pro-culture-of-death president we’ve ever had out of office in November. His socialism and Saul Alinsky goals and methods are transforming America, alright. Into a place I don’t recognize and I sure don’t like.

If a famous and legendary Hollywood figure wants to be part of that with us instead of donating millions and millions of dollars to causes and people diametrically opposed to everything this country has traditionally represented, then I welcome him. I’d rather hear him than the so-called “eloquent” Obama any day. Surely people are being sarcastic when they say that. Eloquent? Are you kidding me?! Did someone change the definition of “eloquent” when I wasn’t looking?

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