Counterfeit Catholics, A Little Comeuppance for the Rebellious and Ignorant

Michael Voris. A man not afraid to speak up and speak out and a bishop who is standing up to the counterfeit Catholics and in defense of the priests in his diocese. Thanks be to God! Good on ya both, Michael and Bishop Morlino. The Church needs many more like ya. Links provided below the video.

Published on May 10, 2012 by : The Church of Feel Good is finally starting to get put in its place .. starting to.….

2 thoughts on “Counterfeit Catholics, A Little Comeuppance for the Rebellious and Ignorant

  1. SR

    I love this. Our Priest is getting ripped apart for much of the same thing. Just did post yesterday. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. There is a big difference in “what feels good” and “what is the truth.” You know sometimes the “truth” does not make us “feel all that good!” God Bless, SR


    1. I’m getting emails from folks who think we Catholics and our bishops should just shut up and let the government walk all over us. And these are emails from Catholics! Good grief! Ignorant of the faith and blind to reality! We have to keep explaining and keep praying, keep doing penance, and keep standing up and speaking out. I stand with the bishops and I support every priest and bishop courageous enough and faithful enough to preach about all this whether some people want to hear it or not. God bless your priest, SR, and you, too! Peace be with you. :)


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