A lot of abortions today in Birmingham, Alabama

October Baby, Every Life Is BeautifulWent to see October Baby last night, loved it! I’ll tell you more about that later. Part 2 of the rally post will be up later also (see rally post Part 1). Right now I’m too pooped to do much more than this. I’m emotionally drained. Why? Because after Mass this morning (yes, I’m keeping my commitment to attend Daily Mass; pray for me!) a friend stopped as I knelt making my thanksgiving after Holy Communion. She was on her way out the door and wanted to tell me that abortions were in full swing over at Planned Parenthood, so we headed over there.

They’re usually closed on Saturdays but they were closed a lot this past week; they sure made up for lost time today. Their parking lot was packed. So sad. But a church had adopted the day as part of 40 Days for Life, so we had the sidewalk covered with prayer volunteers while there were women inside making the worst decisions of their lives. And ending the possibility for some lives to ever reach the point of making any decisions at all. Ever.

40 Days for Life, Pray to End Abortion

There were women outside the abortion mill, waiting for sisters or daughters or friends who were inside. Many years ago I was one of those women sitting in a car while a friend went inside to make the worst choice she ever made. Strange, isn’t it, how people always call it a “choice” but my friend didn’t feel like she had a choice at all. She felt trapped and terrified and horrible.

I haven’t seen her in years now. Don’t know how she manages to look into the eys of the kids she already had, knowing that there was another one who they will never know. Who she will never know. Who will never know what it means to live or breathe or exist outside the womb that held him until the moment the abortionist tore him apart and vacuumed him out of what should have been the safest place in the world for a little baby waiting to be born. Waiting to be held. Waiting and imagining the face that goes with the voice he’s been hearing as he grows. Never imagining the awful fate that awaits him.

God, have mercy on us. Forgive us the horrible evil that people do in our world. Your world. You have made us for Yourself, You have given us Life and offered us Love and Truth and Goodness and Beauty. And we have chosen to rip each other apart. We have chosen evil and sin and death instead. God, forgive us! Have mercy on us all. Amen.

Every life is beautiful, Go see October Baby, in theaters now

5 thoughts on “A lot of abortions today in Birmingham, Alabama

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  4. SR

    My Sidewalk Angel is tired tonight so will make this short. God Bless you for all that you have done, are doing and will continue to do. May you have your well deserved rest tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow. God Bless you Disciple, SR


    1. I am definitely tired but in a good way. I know we are making a difference being out there praying, being a witness to the truth, to God’s love, to life. Not every one will listen. Some will listen only after they have made an irrevocable decision. Murder cannot be undone. There is no going back. There is no do-over. There is no making it go away. Killing does nothing to solve a problem, it only adds a whole new set of problems to what may already seem overwhelming. No one helps a friend or a loved one by helping her abort her child. No one helps herself by sacrificing someone else’s life. Love is sacrifice. Love is giving of oneself. Not taking, not dominating. Love is saying, Yes, times may be difficult but you are worth it, I am worth it, we are worth it. Love is worth it. Life is worth it.

      When did people become so terrified of even the mention of difficulty or suffering? Life IS suffering! Get over it and get on with it, people! There is no life that is without suffering. To be without suffering is to be, well, dead! And even then, there is the possibility of suffering. There is no escape! We don’t have to be such wimps!

      Sorry, SR, didn’t mean to get all riled up. ;) Just going to warm up a cup of Theraflu® and get some sleep. Haven’t been getting my regular (as in, any!) siestas since Lent began. *Yawn* Night night. Time to catch some zzzzz’s…. Peace be with you, SR, and God bless you, too! :)


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